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 London, Ontario's 2014 Municipal Election  ?

Leroy Osbourne

Thames Valley Public School Board Trustee

Wards 7, 8, 9, 10 & 13

Our children, Our city's future.

129 (FINAL)
Registered Candidates for London's 2014 Municipal Election

Nominations closed on Sept. 12, 2014 at 2 pm

Advance Poll Locations and Dates

Voting Day is Monday, October 27, 2014

City of London Electoral Ward Map

City of London Elections Office: Phone: 519-661-4535; E-mail:

Click on the name of the individual candidates to see their contact information ~ * denotes an incumbent

Aaron Broughm WITHDREW AUG. 22

Matt Brown * currently Ward 7's councillor

Roger Caranci

Paul Cheng

Steve Gardner

Tae Khun Ha

Arnon Kaplansky

Donna Kelley

Jim Kogelheide

Dan Lenart

Alexander Main

Marie Miszczak

Carlos Murray

Dennis Perry

Ma'in Sinan

Joe Swan * currently Ward 3's councillor

Ward 1

James Beynen

Judith Carter

Michael Van Holst

Daniel O’Neail WITHDREW SEPT. 5

Christopher Perry

Bud Polhill *

Nate Youskow WITHDREW ON JULY 14

Ward 2

Bill Armstrong *

Tammy Lee Marche WITHDREW ON JULY 7

Nancy McSloy

Steve Polhill

Ward 3

Claudette Jeanne Drouin WITHDREW SEPT. 10

Bill Harris


Nick Masciotra

Mohamed Salih

Garth Williams

Henry Zupanc

Ward 4

Paul Pesach Gray

Fiona Graham

Jesse Helmer

Christina MacRae

Stephen Orser *

Sheryl Rooth, WITHDREW ON AUG. 26

George van der Schel

Nethaniel Youskow

Ward 5

Maureen Cassidy

Steve Hogg

Mike Fornelos

William Gordon

Stanley Koza

Kevin Labonte

Prashanth Thambipillai

Randy Warden

Michael Wickett WITHDREW AUG. 22

Ward 6

Alasdair Beaton

Marie Blosh

Mike Bloxam

Shiv Chokhani WITHDREW SEPT. 10

Cynthia Etheridge

Amir Farahi

Flavio Iannialice

Greg Munro WITHDREW AUG. 22

Phil Squire

Ward 7

Osam Ali

Luis Dominguez WITHDREW ON APRIL 14

Michael Esposito

Matthew Kennedy

Josh Morgan

Donna Szpakowski

Ward 8

Paul Hubert *

Moon Inthavong WITHDREW SEPT. 10

Thomas Risley

Ward 9

Ali Chahbar

Ed Corrigan

Doreen Gysbers

Eric A. Haidar

Anna Hopkins

Frank Minifie

Jeffrey Schiller

Ward 10

Paul Van Meerbergen *

Virginia Ridley

Bradley Robichaud

Ward 11

Denise Brown *

Patrick Copps

Luis Dominquez WITHDREW APR. 14

Clive Jenkins

Joan Martin

Menno Meijer

Stephen Turner

Ward 12

Peter Ferguson

Jesse Haidar

Harold Usher

Ward 13

Karim Bardai

Chris Edgar

Elizabeth Efthymiadis

Paul Krohn

John Fyfe-Millar

Fiona Graham WITHDREW SEPT. 5

Tanya Park

Gordon Saylor

David Winninger

Nethaniel Youskow WITHDREW ON MAY 12

Ward 14

David Collier WITHDREW SEPT. 4

Ali Hamadi

Steve Hillier

Sean M. O’Connell

Allan Tipping

Sandy White *

Jared Zaifman

School Board Trustee Nominations


Michael Dawthorne, TVDSB, Wds 2,3,4,5,6

Peter Jaffe, TVDSB, Wds 2,3,4,5,6 *

Shiv Chokhari, TVDSB Wds 2,3,4,5,6

Eric Southern, TVDSB, Wds 2,3,4,5,6

Matthew Reid, TVDSB, Wds 2,3,4,5,6 *

Darlene Snyders. TVDSB, Wds 2,3,4,5,6

Chris Barton, TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,110,13

Joyce Bennett, TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,10,13 *

Kyle Case, TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,10,13

Jerry Cripps, TVDSB Wds 7,6,9,10,13

Dan Judson, TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,10,13

Kathy Kaill, TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,10,13

Linda Ludwar TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,10,13

Leroy Osbourne, TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,10,13

Brenda Ryan, TVDSB, Wds 7, 8,9,10,13

Jake Skinner, TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,1013

Knute Dohnberg, TVDSB, Wds 1,11,12,14

Frank Gerrits, TVDSB, Wds 1,11,12,14

Shawn Lewis, TVDSB, Wds 1,11,12,14

Chris Loblaw, TVDSB, Wds 1,11,12,14

Christine Morgan, TVDSB, Wds 1,11,12,14

Sheri Polhill, TVDSB, Wds 1,11,12,14 *

Ruth Tisdale, TVDSB, Wds 1,11,12,14 *


Sandra Cruz, LDCSB Wds 2,3,4

Paul Gonzales, LDCSB, Wds 2,3,4

Roy D Mantle, LDCSB Wds 2,3,4

Betty J. Wright, LDCSB, Wds 2,3,4

Paul Digby, LDCSB Wds 5,6,7 WITHDREW SEPT. 11

Chris Bray, LDCSB, Wds 5,6,7

Nando Favaro, LDCSB, Wds 5,6,7

Arthur Macleod, LDCSB, Wds 5,6,7

Stephen Paul, LDCSB Wds 5,6,7

Linda Steel, LDCSB, Wds 8,9,10 *
John Jevnikar, LDCSB, Wds 11,12,13 *
Pedro Almeida, LDCSB, Wds 1,14

Kevin Barry, LDCSB, Wds 1,14

George Le Mac, Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence
Denise Alice Carter, Conseil Scolaire Viamonde

Johanne R. Gray, Conseil Scolaire Viamonde

Denis Trudel, Conseil Scolaire Viamonde

* denotes an incumbent

 Guy Lombardo's Tempo VII Hydroplane  ?

Guy Lombardo's multiple-award-winning Tempo VII hydroplane, built in 1955 and powered by an Allison aircraft engine, has been owned by the City of London since 1983 when it was donated to the City by the late Colonel Tom Lawson.

It is currently on display at London's Jet Aircraft Museum along with the Miss Supertest III hydroplane, immediately northwest of the London International Airport. It is open Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Contact London's heritage planner Don Menard ( if you or your organization are interested in displaying the Tempo VII in a public setting for a special short-term event.

LOMBARDO TRIVIA: London-born-and-raised bandleader Guy Lombardo (June 19, 1902- Nov. 5, 1977) never travelled across the bridge named in his honour in London, Ontario, since the bridge never officially opened until Nov. 16, 1978, more than a year after his death.

Guy Lombardo (1902-1977) with his younger sister, Rosemarie Lombardo (1925-2011) in the 1940s. Guy and his brothers in the orchestra actually named their sister Rosemarie, who was born 23 years after Guy.

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     Today's Featured Article Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Title:  London's New Political Messiah, The Great Confused Paul Cheng™, by Barry Wells
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Wednesday, October 22 2014 @ 12:01 AM EDT
     Viewed:  1,143 times  
    Civic Meetings-Events in London, ON, from Wed. Oct. 22 ===>

    BREAKING NEWS: Chaos on parliament hill in Ottawa as many shots fired, one soldier dead, one security guard wounded, one terrorist shooter dead, more shooters being sought, CBC, Oct. 22

    Meet the hero who shot and killed Parliament Hill gunman, LFP, Oct. 22

    Mayoral candidate Paul Cheng shuns local rental property by-law, LFP, Oct. 22

    Mayoral candidate Paul Cheng doesn't seem to understand once you're a viable mayoral candidate you'll get intense media scrutiny. He's pleading a breach of privacy as a "private citizen." He's no longer a private citizen. That ended with his registration as a candidate in the city clerk's office.

    Maybe mayoral candidate Paul Cheng should run his rental properties "like a business" and pay the licencing fees.

    Mayoral candidate Matt Brown heading toward victory: LCN Poll, Oct. 21

    A four-year blind date with Paul Cheng? PH, Oct. 19

    I don't gamble with London's future

    THOUGHT DU JOUR, OCT. 19: Regarding mayoral candidate Paul Cheng, I don't gamble with London's future. No local track record I can examine, no vote. I never buy a used car without a test drive and a safety inspection. If I want to gamble, I'll bet on the ponies with my own money, not London's future for the next four years.
    THOUGHT DU JOUR, OCT. 18: If we don't hold lousy council members accountable at election time, we might as well give up and endorse arrogance and incompetence. The trick is to know the charlatans, separating the wheat from the chaff.
    Once was an oiler named Cheng
    He liked to do his own thing;
    He swooped in from Peru
    To be the new guru,
    The self-anointed king.

    Mayoral candidate Paul Cheng says he wants to be London's mayor for three terms ~ 12 years. Without getting elected to a first term or having any city hall experience; the sense of entitlement is already oozing out his pores.

    Maybe by his third term he'd know what he was talking about when he discussed city hall. A bad choice for mayor. He should have ran for school board trustee to get his feet wet.

    Numbers, it's all about the numbers

    In London, Ontario's Oct. 25, 2010 municipal election, there were 262,028 eligible voters. 104,593 voted for a 39.91% turnout.

    • In 2010, Joe Fontana won with 48,626 votes; Anne Marie DeCicco-Best was runner-up with 46,089 votes.

    • There were 13 other candidates in addition to the 2010 winner and runner-up, who received about 8,000 votes.

    In 2014, with 15 candidates (one high-profile candidate (Caranci) has endorsed another high-profile candidate (Cheng); plus Joe Swan, another high-profile candidate), 40,000 to 45,000 votes should win the mayoral race.

    I'm supporting Matt Brown for mayor

    Matt Brown is honest, hard-working, intelligent, a problem-solver, focussed on the issues and as chair of the audit committee at city hall, has worked to save the City of London many thousands of dollars.

    I give this endorsement unequivocally because I actually watch the standing committee and council meetings and have for years. I am a fiscal conservative and am not a member of any political party, nor have I ever been. I always vote my conscience and always will. ~ Barry Wells

    Message for Paul Cheng and his supporters:

    I'm from Missouri (the "Show Me State"). I don't buy a "pig in a poke" nor do I buy a used car without a test-drive and safety inspection.

    Don't tell me what you've done overseas, show me what you've done locally.

    You're running for mayor of this city with no city hall experience or any local evidence of how you'd handle yourself. Establish your local bona fides, then run for mayor or a council seat.

    Mayoral candidate Roger Caranci folds like an accordion, endorses Paul Cheng

    BREAKING, OCT. 14: Mayoral candidate Roger Caranci has just announced he's shutting down his campaign and throwing his support to fellow candidate Paul Cheng (but remains on the ballot)!


    Cheng endorsed bonehead Orser twice, now Caranci endorses Cheng. What next?

    New Poll Reveals Mayoral Standings, Matt Brown still leading by 12 percentage points, BN, Oct. 11

    LATEST POLL: Brown 39% Cheng 27% Caranci 7% Swantana 4% ~ I guess being Joe Fontana's fartcatcher for four long years isn't what it was cracked up to be, eh Joe?

    The London Yodeller Archives for Barry Wells

    Swan lays it on thick at mayoral debate

    During the mayoral debate at King's College on Wednesday night (Oct. 8), candidate Joe Swan said that he's against "party politics" at London city hall.

    Why then did Swan join the exclusive council cabal for the pre-budget meeting at Billy T's Tap & Grill in February 2013? ~ the meeting that was deemed to be illegal under section 238 of the Municipal Act by the provincial ombudsman and which cost taxpayers $97,000 for legal representation for Swan et al from a Bay Street law firm.

    And why did Swan e-mail "talking points" to his less eloquent but dutiful council stooges during the debate about the Fanshawe College-Kingsmill's proposal?


    London's New Political Messiah, The Great Confused Paul Cheng™

    Unfortunately, mayoral candidate Paul Cheng is all bun and no beef ~ despite what Roger Caranci now thinks

    Yodelling in the Canyon, Oct. 9, 2014
    Barry Wells

    QUESTION: What's the difference between Ivan Kasiurak and mayoral candidate Paul Cheng?

    ANSWER: Paul Cheng has money but Ivan looks better in a tuxedo.

    CHENG'S LAW: When you don't know what you're talking about, just say you're going to "run it like a business."

    A defining moment for wannabe-mayor Paul Cheng, 58, occurred during a mayoral debate on local radio station am980 last month when Cheng said, "I've worked in 18 countries and signed cheques for more money than all the other candidates combined."

    In other words, The Great Confused Cheng™ thinks his purported globetrotting work as an oil-and-gas industry consultant more than qualifies him as London's next mayor, despite zero city hall or community organizing experience (it's a different group dynamic altogether than private business) and that his frontrunning mayoral race competitors Coun. Matt Brown, Roger Caranci and Coun. Joe Swan (with a combined total of 34 years on London city council) are mere pipsqueaks compared to him.

    ORSER ENDORSEMENT: Another revealing moment came during a mayoral debate at the Aeolian Hall in Old East Village on Sept. 24 when Mr. Cheng stated that Ward 4 Coun. Steve Orser ~ who refused to face voters at a Ward 4 all-candidates' meeting at the education centre on Sept. 10 ~ is his kind of politician at London city hall and someone worth emulating. Cheng repeated this bizarre endorsement on am-1290-cjbk with Steve Garrison on Sept. 30.

    Say what?

    It's no secret locally that Coun. Orser has repeatedly embarrassed himself and the City of London during the past four years with his ongoing poor judgment and buffoonish behaviour.

    read more (552 words) 1 comments
    Most Recent Post: 10/09 09:28PM by Butch McLarty

     10 Obvious Signs Your Ward Councillor is a (Thanksgiving) Turkey Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Tuesday, October 07 2014 @ 02:18 AM EDT
     Viewed:  352 times  
    Civic Meetings-Events in London, ON, from Tue. Oct. 7 ===>

    Mayoral candidate Paul Cheng is the New ThuperDuper ThuperMan who can walk on water with feet of clay.

    Paul Cheng has more money than Ivan Kasiurak but Ivan looks better in a tuxedo.


    10 Obvious Signs Your Ward Councillor is a (Thanksgiving) Turkey

    1. Regularly makes unfounded, inflammatory statements during meetings and to the media; attention-seeking.

    2. Needlessly argumentative and disruptive, often acting like a schoolyard bully; always spoiling for a fight.

    3. Rarely reads or understands meeting agendas.

    4. Amasses significant Airmiles® from liquor store purchases.

    5. Gets excited when important land developers enter the meeting room; plays to their concerns like a paid servant and shameless flunky.

    6. Seems more interested in their own perceived self-importance than serving constituents and making the city a better place for everyone.

    7. Whines regularly about perceived slights from council colleagues.

     T-Minus 20 Days and Counting to Election-Day Liftoff, by Barry Wells Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Monday, October 06 2014 @ 12:01 AM EDT
     Viewed:  1,188 times  
    Is waterboarding "torture"?

    During a segment on the Andrew Lawton Show on am980 yesterday afernoon (Oct. 3), right-wing radio host Andrew Lawton made the statement that "waterboarding is not torture" (Dick Cheney's nutty mantra) in response to Ward 9 candidate/ immigration lawyer Ed Corrigan's argument that waterboarding is torture and that any information extracted from someone who's been waterboarded cannot be used as evidence in a Canadian court of law.

    Who's right? Here's the first paragraph from Wikipedia about waterboarding:

    "Waterboarding is a form of torture, more specifically a type of water torture, in which water is poured over a cloth covering the face and breathing passages of an immobilized captive, causing the individual to experience the sensation of drowning. Waterboarding can cause extreme pain, dry drowning, damage to lungs, brain damage from oxygen deprivation, other physical injuries including broken bones due to struggling against restraints, lasting psychological damage, and death. Adverse physical consequences can manifest themselves months after the event, while psychological effects can last for years."

  • More information about waterboarding can be found at
  • Andrew Lawton, who fancies himself as a political pundit, has publicly admitted to voting for Joe Fontana in October 2010; publicly stated on Oct. 31, 2013, that he believes "Mayor Rob Ford is the best thing to happen to Toronto, politically" and also publicly states that he thinks "waterboarding is not torture."

    Sounds like a greenhorn radio weenie on a steep learning curve to develop more credibility. Sometimes the public airwaves contain more air pollution than useful information.

    Just like Orser and Harold Usher, mayoral candidate Joe Swantana really digs the medal he voted to give himself. A truly self-aggrandizing bunch

    On Wednesday, October 1 on 1290-CJBK-AM with morning man Steve Garrison, mayoral candidate Joe Swantana listed all the reasons why he thinks he deserved the 2012 Diamond Jubilee Medal. Swantana and at least seven others on London city council voted to give themselves these medals behind closed doors during a secret vote in early 2013. It is truly pitiful.

    Joe Swantana even says he's proud of getting the medal, neglecting to mention by doing so he and the others violated the ethics of the nominating committee (FCM gave city council the job of awarding the medals to worthy citizens), while also depriving some outstanding citizen volunteers from receiving medals, since the registered medals were in limited supply coast to coast (60,000).

    Mr. Swantana's sense of entitlement and offensive baloney preclude him from being London's next mayor. It's unfortunate he doesn't know this. Bye, Joe, send us all a post card from BullshitLand.

    THIS IS JUST IN, SEPT. 30: Ward 6 candidate Cynthia Etheridge (Ward 4 Coun. Steve Orser's former common-law spouse) wants drug and IQ testing for candidates for city council to help separate the wheat from the chaff. I wonder if the Ward 4 bonehead agrees.
  • The London Yodeller Archives ~ Barry Wells

  • Premiere of Labatt Park documentary

    The documentary about historic Labatt Park was premiered on Saturday, September 27 at 8:30 pm at Labatt Park, during Doors Open London weekend.

    Approximately 250 people were in attendance for the premiere of the documentary.

    Historical trivia: The first motion picture was shown in London after a bicycle race at Tecumseh Park (today's Labatt Park) in 1895.


    T-Minus 20 Days and Counting to Election-Day Liftoff

    With any luck, London voters will take what's left of the Fontana Ate monkeys out to the curb for trash pickup on Monday, October 27, 2014.

    Yodelling in the Canyon, September 25, 2014
    By Barry Wells

    Nominations closed on Friday, September 12 at 2 pm for London's October municipal election. It's a lengthy list of 129 candidates ~ 90 for 15 city council seats and 39 candidates for 13 trustee seats on two district school boards.

    Unfortunately, the bizarre electoral system for the two district school boards is a convoluted dog's breakfast, thanks to changes rammed through by the PC government of Premier Mike Harris in the mid-to-late 1990s. I'll restrict this column to the higher-profile council races except to say the school board set-up needs a complete overhaul by the province to make it more comprehensible and relevant. As it is, it's a disgrace to meaningful democracy.

    On Monday, October 27th, civic-minded Londoners will elect one full-time mayor by a city-wide vote and 14 part-time councillors on a ward basis ~ one per ward ~ so the trick is to know the ward you reside in. If you don't know your ward, call 519.661.4535 or e-mail

    MAYOR: There's a whopping 15 candidates with no incumbent mayor, four of which have a realistic chance of landing in The Big Swivel Chair. The frontrunners are Ward 7 Coun. Matt Brown, real estate agent Roger Caranci, oil-and-gas consultant Paul Cheng and Ward 3 Coun. Joe Swan, although local builder Arnon Kaplansky could pull a few thousand votes, enough to affect the final outcome. A four-way mayoral race is extremely unusual for London and exciting since it's less predicable due to more variables.

    There's just two women in this race ~ retired administrative assistant Donna Kelley and former Sun Media employee Marie Miszczak, neither of whom has a high-enough profile to have much impact. PREDICTED WINNER: Matt Brown.

    WARD 1 (Far East London): There's five candidates but only one ~ math and sciences teacher Michael Van Holst ~ has a high-enough profile to challenge incumbent Bud Polhill, who's been on council since The Stone Age (1988). PREDICTED WINNER: Bud Polhill. I hope I'm wrong.

    WARD 2 (Hale-Trafalgar): A close race with just three candidates. Five-term incumbent Bill Armstrong, veteran community activist Nancy McSloy and auto mechanic Steve Polhill, son of Bud Polhill and sister of school board trustee Sheri Polhill. PREDICTED WINNER: Too close to call.

    WARD 3 (Northeast): With no incumbent (Coun. Joe Swan is running for mayor) and five candidates, it's a three-way race between retired realtor Bill Harris, Canadian Border Services Agency Officer Mohamed (Mo) Salih and late-filing candidate, auditor-entrepreneur Henry Zupanc. PREDICTED WINNER: Mo Salih, with his million-dollar smile.

    WARD 4 (Old East): There's six candidates on paper but in reality it's a hotly contested three-way race between buffoonish, two-term incumbent Steve Orser, electronics engineer Paul Pesach Gray and digital entrepreneur Jesse Helmer. Orser has name recognition but for all the wrong reasons. PREDICTED WINNER: Jesse Helmer.

    WARD 5 (Masonville-Stoneybrook): Eight candidates but there's only three players in this close contest with no incumbent. Community activist Maureen Cassidy (who has the retiring Joni Baechler's endorsement), law clerk Kevin Labonte and security consultant-Canada Day event organizer Randy Warden. PREDICTED WINNER: Randy Warden.

    WARD 6 (Old North-Cherryhill): Another tight race with no incumbent (Coun. Nancy Branscombe is not seeking re-election). There's seven candidates but only four players. Veteran community activist Marie Blosh, entrepreneur Mike Bloxam, small business owner Cynthia Etheridge and lawyer Phil Squire. PREDICTED WINNER: Too close to call.

     Is adding fluoride to our drinking water safe? by Ed Corrigan Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Wednesday, September 24 2014 @ 12:01 AM EDT
     Viewed:  1,398 times  
  • Civic Meetings-Events in London, ON, from Wed. Sept. 24 ===>

    HOMECOMING BASEBALL: On Sun. Sept. 21 at Labatt Park, the Western Mustangs Baseball Club play the York Yeomen in a doubleheader starting at 12 noon; 2nd game starts at 3:30 pm.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Steve (Mr. Chaos) Orser et al. strike out again with politically motivated complaint to the Ombudsman, LFP, Sept. 19

  • The London Community News reports on the boneheaded bogus complaint to the Ombudsman, LCN, Sept. 20

  • CTV's news story from last August about the bogus complaint, CTV

  • Here's the Ombudsman's 19-page report, OO, Sept. 19

  • Municipal election platform-promises all pie in the sky

    REALITY: Election platforms touted by municipal candidates (no political parties) are ALL pie in the sky, PERIOD. There's no whipped votes and candidates can realistically promise nothing since they only have one vote each if they manage to get themselves elected.
    程 All Hail The Great Cheng 程

    程 Mayoral candidate Paul Cheng is The New Politcal Messiah. 程 All hail The Great Cheng. 程 Cheng will lead us to The Promised Land of Dripping Milk and Oozing Honey. 程

    程 Paul Cheng has travelled thousands of miles to save us. 程 The Great Cheng has finally arrived. 程 All hail The Great Cheng. 程 The New Thuper-Duper ThuperMan. 程

  • Audio of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as he begins chemotherapy

  • Gold-plated endorsement

    "Check out for all the news that's not fit to report." ~ Gina Barber, Sept. 16, 2014
    Election campaign turns nasty in Ward 3

    BREAKING NEWS, SEPT. 16: Ward 3 candidate Mohamed Salih says he has experienced racism regarding his candidacy and the placement of his campaign signs from at least one other candidate, due to the fact he is a Black Muslim.

    Salih alleges another Ward 3 candidate has harassed his supporters and someone has also dumped fried chicken and watermelon on his election signs.

    Mayor Joni Baechler's written endorsement of Ward 14 candidate Jared Zaifman (from last April) irks Ward 14 Coun. Sandy White and Ward 4 Coun. Steve Orser, then Orser endorses Ward 2 candidate Steve Polhill.

    ATTENTION-SEEKING BONEHEAD MOVE #415: Ward 4's Buffoon Boy files complaint against Mayor Baechler, then does the very thing he's filed the complaint about

    ILLUSTRATION: Doug Rogers

    BREAKING NEWS, SEPT. 16: Ward 4 Coun. Steve (Buffoon Boy) Orser says he's filed a 5.2(a) Code of Conduct complaint with the city clerk against Mayor Joni Baechler over her written endorsement of Jared Zaifman in Ward 14 (from last April), calling her actions "toxic in nature."

  • CTV-London news story here.
  • Rule 5 - Incompatible Activity
    5.1 A Member [of City Council] shall not engage in any activity, financial or otherwise, which is incompatible or inconsistent with the ethical discharge of his or her official duties in the public interest.

    5.2 Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, a Member shall not:
    (a) use the influence of his or her office for any purpose other than for the exercise of his or her official duties;

    One of the mayor's official duties is to work for the betterment of the city of London. Ward 14 Coun. Sandy White is a dullard who often whines during council meetings.

    'Let the Chaos begin!'

    Ward 4's Grandstanding Clown Steve Orser announced on CJBK this afternoon (Sept. 16) that he is endorsing candidate Steve Polhill in the Ward 2 race, contrary to the City of London's Code of Conduct policy section 5.2 (a).

    Orser then said "Let the chaos begin!"

  • The London Yodeller Archives ~ Barry Wells

  • So-called satire of sexual harassment rarely works, JS, Sept. 13



    By Ed Corrigan

    I was reading my fluoride-enhanced tube of toothpaste recently and was surprised to see the following warning. “Caution: Do not swallow. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN UNDER 6 YEARS OF AGE. If more than used for brushing is accidently swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Centre right away.”

    I am aware that nearly 30 Canadian cities have either stopped adding fluoride to their drinking water or rejected adding it to their public drinking water. These cities include Vancouver, Quebec City, Thunder Bay, Calgary, Waterloo and Windsor. What prompted them to reject using fluoride?

    According to one source, “city councils were pressured to ban the substance by small and vocal anti-fluoridation groups” who the writer called “crazies.”

    In 2012, the City of London briefly considered having a referendum on fluoride being added to our water supply.

    According to a London Free Press report, “City staff recommended continued treatment of city water with fluoride because it prevents cavities and because the practice is recommended by bodies such as the World Health Organization, Health Canada, Ontario's chief medical officer of health and the Middlesex-London Health Unit.”

    Only Councillors Joni Baechler, Dale Henderson and Stephen Orser supported the motion to have a referendum on adding fluoride to London’s drinking water.

    read more (571 words) 1 comments
    Most Recent Post: 09/16 01:36AM by Butch McLarty

     Swantana Seven™ lose election-year game of political football, by Barry Wells Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Monday, September 15 2014 @ 12:01 AM EDT
     Viewed:  1,520 times  
    BIZARRO WHIRLD: Ford family scrambles clan in Hogtown

    In the wake of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's tumour diagnosis, Rob Ford dropped out of the mayoral race to be replaced by older brother Doug Ford; Michael Ford dropped out of the Ward 2 race to be replaced by ailing Rob Ford (his uncle) and Michael Ford registered to run for school trustee of Ward 1.
  • Orser chickens out from attending Ward 4 all-candidates meeting; can't face voters who know he's a conniving weasel, LFP, Sept. 11

  • HE'S FULL-TIME: AltLondon has also learned that Orser has backed out of am980's upcoming debate for Ward 4 candidates on Sept. 23 because Fiona Graham and Christina MacRea (two of Orser's stooge candidates to clutter up the ballot) aren't allowed to participate in the live radio debate.

    Swantana Seven™ lose election-year game of political football

    Yodelling in the Canyon, September 11, 2014
    Barry Wells

    It was a steep and rocky road but in the end, Phase 2 of Fanshawe's $66.4-million expansion plans for 1600 hospitality-sector students to move into the Kingsmill's building at 130 Dundas Street, was approved by an 8-7 vote at city council on Sept. 2nd.

    It was the second council vote of the hotly debated project within 34 days, after the London Downtown Business Association (LDBA) offered to kick in $1-million over 10 years on Aug. 15th to help defray the $20-million costs of the City's investment in Phase 2, thereby amending the original proposal.

    The first vote on July 29th was knotted at seven (a tie vote defeats the motion), with the Mayor Baechler-Matt Brown Camp supporting the project and the Swantana Seven™ voting against it, citing cost as their primary concern.

    Hilariously, in mid-August, mayoral candidate Joe Swantana™ (pictured left) e-mailed identical "talking points" to his six less-eloquent followers on council, for them to use when asked to comment on the amended proposal by the local media.

    Complicating matters for the two Fanshawe proposals was the timing ~ during the final months of a municipal election campaign when skittish candidates traditionally pander to the lowest common denominator of voter's fears (higher property taxes) and stake out populist election platforms.

    So it came as no surprise when the debate became more an election-year game of political football and less a discussion of the proposal's merits, since the complex project was an easy target for misinformation designed to score brownie points with often-gullible voters.

    In this regard, Swan held a Fanshawe-focused media conference (with dutiful stooge Steve Orser standing behind him) on Aug. 28th and also ran Fanshawe-related radio ads on local stations prior to the final council vote. It didn't appear to do him any good.

    DOWNTOWN BROWNS: Once Ward 11 Coun. Denise Brown (no relation to Matt) indicated her support for the amended Fanshawe deal on Sept. 2nd (switching sides from her No vote of July 29), clearing the way for an 8-7 council approval, mayoral candidate Downtown Matt Brown delivered this inspirational closer to London's divided council:

    “We’re here on this council to work together to get things done, seizing the opportunity, not deferring, referring or delaying vote after vote in favour of politics over prosperity.”

    It was a clear dig at mayoral opponent Joe Swantana and his disciples, who wanted the project deferred to explore buying "buildings less expensive to renovate," properties suggested late in the game by Shmuel Farhi, CEO of Farhi Holdings Corp. Namely, the Farhi-owned Market Tower (already rejected by Fanshawe) and the former central library on Queen's Avenue, a property sitting vacant for the past 13 years since Farhi purchased it from the City for a song.

     Support municipal candidates with demonstrated integrity and intelligence, by Barry Wells Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Wednesday, September 10 2014 @ 12:01 AM EDT
     Viewed:  2,529 times  
  • Civic Meetings-Events in London, ON, from Thur. Sept. 11 ===>

  • London's 2014 Municipal Election ~ recent column by Barry Wells in The London Yodeller

  • Early LFP mayoral race poll shows Matt Brown in 1st, former Reform Party candidate Paul Cheng in 2nd, LFP, Sept. 6

  • FANSHAWE-KINGSMILL'S PROPOSAL: 8-7 vote in favour, the Swantana Seven finally go down in a ball of flames (nobody said squashing the cabal of clowns is easy)

    London city council votes 8-7 to support the Fanshawe-Kingsmill's proposal, with a few minor amendments brought forward by Coun. Matt Brown which save the taxpayers' some extra dollars.

    Ward 11 Coun. Denise Brown switched her vote after doing her "due diligence."

    Joe Swantana and Bluster Boy Orser go down in a ball of flames. Henderson's microphone turned off as he jabbered on about mystery donors and Museum London's collection.

    Former Orser stooge, 'Austin,' alleges Orser threatened him

    Looks like the "worm has turned" between Mark Hartwell, aka "Austin" and his old Marino's drinking buddy, Ward 4 Coun. Steve Orser (pictured above trying to play the "Big Wheel").

    In today's LFP Fanshawe-Kingsmill's story comments (since deleted, but screenshot taken):

    "Austin => Jonathon Bancroft-Snell • 27 minutes ago Personally, I can tell you publicly that Orser does give threats. There is no slander there, I have received threats. He has given them to me in person. He is now a true Politician."

    Mark Hartwell ("Austin") is Orser's former campaign webmaster-videographer and also a self-described "male prostitute" and "male sex provider" who Orser threw overboard once AltLondon and The London Free Press spilled the beans last May that Hartwell also operates a sordid sex site online.

    London's Annual Labour Day Picnic

    London's annual Labour Day Picnic is Monday, September 1 at Thames Park from 12 noon until 4 pm. It's sponsored by the London and District Labour Council.

    Everyone is welcome to this free event. Free hot dogs, pop and ice cream. Games for the kids.

    Inquiring minds need to know

    THOUGHT DU JOUR, AUG. 31: Orchestra London leases its office at 609 Wellington Street (north of Central Avenue, west side) from Shmuel Farhi. Joe Swantana is the executive director of Orchestra London ~ on leave or otherwise.

    Should Swantana be trying to steer the Fanshawe downtown campus proposal to a Farhi-owned building (Market Tower, old Central Library on Queens), given the obvious conflict of interest?

  • Another award-winning Yodelling-in-the-Canyon column, TLY, Aug. 28

  • The London Yodeller Archives ~ Barry Wells

  • 2014 Barry Baycats: Winners of the IBL pennant and Championship Series

    FINAL, AUG. 29: Barrie Baycats 5, London Majors 3. Barrie sweeps the Majors 4-0 in the IBL Championship Series.

  • IBL Story Here.

  • The Misleading Mr. Joe Swantana, TMR, Aug. 29

  • 2014 MUNICIPAL ELECTION: Coun. Joe Swantana is about to be bounced from London city council ~ permanently. Joe, your shenanigans will not be missed.

    Support municipal candidates with demonstrated integrity and intelligence

    You'll need one of these handy devices to cast an informed vote on October 27th, 2014

    Yodelling in the Canyon, Aug. 28, 2014
    Barry Wells

    As we enter the final two months of London's 2014 municipal election campaign period, it's helpful to remember a few truisms about elections, campaign platforms and voters in general.

    Elections are blatant sales jobs, so accepting at face value what candidates are selling is not recommended. It's better to examine the record of the candidate in question to see what they've done in the past if they're an incumbent seeking re-election or even a private citizen.

    What have they done when they've had the chance to contribute? ~ noting "talk is cheap but it takes money to buy whiskey." This includes activities as a volunteer.

    For example, during the run-up to the October 25, 2010 municipal election, successful mayoral candidate Joe Fontana pitched a platform of (1) four consecutive years of a zero-percent tax increase and (2) creating 10,000 jobs.

    He even tossed in the elitist claim that he knew "how to talk to kings and queens," since he was a former federal Liberal cabinet minister in Ottawa.

    Unfortunately, Gondola Joe™ neglected to mention the sham charity he was milking and his involvement with his boyhood pal, fraudster Vince Ciccone.

     2014 Intercounty Baseball League Championship Series Schedule Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Thursday, August 28 2014 @ 12:01 AM EDT
     Viewed:  1,563 times  
  • Civic Meetings-Events in London, ON, from Thur. Aug. 28 ===>

    Barrie Baycats one game away from sweeping London Majors in IBL Finals

    FINAL, AUG. 26: Barrie Baycats 12, London Majors 2. Barrie now leads the IBL Championship Series 3-0.

    Next game: Labatt Park, Fri. Aug. 29 at 7:45 pm.

  • Mayoral candidate Joe Swantana registered his campaign website on June 17, 2014 but didn't file his nomination papers until July 31, 2014 ~ contrary to section 76 of the Municipal Elections Act

  • BREAKING NEWS: Ward 4 candidate Sheryl Rooth withdraws to prevent vote-splitting; wants to see Buffoon Orser gone from city hall, LFP, Aug. 26

  • In the story comments, Orser announces he's seeking re-election on a "pedophile-proofing London" platform ~ an idea shot down by committee and council a few years ago after the chief of police said it was counterproductive and unworkable. What sort of council member announces a policy platform for re-election online in the LFP story comments? That's right, a complete idiot.

    This is the same clown who used a self-described male prostitute-male sex provider as his campaign webmaster-videographer (his drinking buddy at Marino's, Mark Hartwell aka "Austin").

  • Joe Swantana's fancy footwork on the Fanshawe-Kingsmill proposal, TMR, Aug. 25

  • The 2014 Mayoral Race: Explaining it All at City Hall, TLY

  • The London Yodeller Archives ~ Barry Wells

  • GAME 2: Barrie defeats London 3-2 in extra innings at Labatt Park

    FINAL, AUG. 24: Barrie Baycats 3, London Majors 2, in 10 innings at Labatt Park. Barrie now leads the best-of-seven-game series two games to none.

    The next two games are Tuesday night in Barrie and Friday night in London.

    Baycats take Game 1 of IBL Championship Series

    THIS JUST IN, AUG. 23: Today's scheduled 2 pm game in Barrie has been switched to 7pm for some reason. London Majors v. Barrie Baycats.

    GAME 1 FINAL IN BARRIE, AUG. 23: Barrie Baycats 5, London Majors 2, in Barrie.

    Game 2 is tomorrow afternoon (Sun. Aug. 24) at Labatt Park at 1 pm.

    A 21-second video clip that clearly shows you how to spot a good-for-nothing politician


    Intercounty Baseball League Championship Series Schedule

    PHOTO: Labatt Memorial Park, by Lori and Wayne Brown's Photos

    For Immediate Release ~ The dates for the 2014 IBL championship series for the Dominico Trophy between the pennant-winning Barrie Baycats and second-place finishing London Majors have been finalized.

    The series will open Saturday afternoon in Barrie followed by game two on Sunday afternoon in London at 1 pm at historic Labatt Park.

    Barrie Baycats vs. London Majors

    Game 1 - Saturday August 23, at Barrie, 2:00pm 7pm, Barrie 5, London 2

    Game 2 - Sunday August 24, at London, 1:00pm, Barrie 3, London 2 (10 innings)

    Game 3 - Tuesday August 26, at Barrie, 7:45pm, Barrie 12, London 2

    Game 4 - Friday August 29, at London, 7:45pm, Barrie 5, London 3

     The 2014 Mayor's Race: Explaining it All at City Hall, by Barry Wells Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Thursday, August 21 2014 @ 12:01 AM EDT
     Viewed:  2,226 times  
    THIS JUST IN, AUG. 21: 2010 mayoral candidate Cynthia Etheridge says she will be filing her nomination papers for Ward 6 this afternoon around 2:30 pm.

    In the 2010 municipal election, Ms. Etheridge placed third, with 4,402 votes. She also came in third in the 2006 municipal election, with 2,561 votes.

    Swantana talks a good game, but doesn't deliver the goods

    Ward 3 Coun. Joe Swantana (pictured left) says Ward 7 Coun. Matt Brown is "very young and very naive" but it is Swantana who's violated section 238 of the Municipal Act in 2013 and more recently, section 76 of the Municipal Elections Act at his campaign launch on July 30th.

    Making matters worse, Swantana even needed the services of a Bay Street law firm on the taxpayers' dime to the tune of $97,000, along with the rest of the Fontana Gang after they violated section 238 of the Municipal Act.

    Further, on Swantana's watch, Information London, Ambassador London, Legacy London and the Guy Lombardo Music Centre all folded due to poor management or lack of follow-through.

    Recently, Don Jones, longstanding manager of Centennial Hall, publicly called Swantana "the worst executive director" of Orchestra London he's ever dealt with, in an e-mail sent to CJBK's Andy Oudman, which he wanted read on-air.

    London defeats Kitchener 9-6 to advance to IBL championship series against the Barrie Baycats

    FINAL, AUG. 18: London Majors 9, Kitchener Panthers 6 at Labatt Park. London takes the semi-final series four games to three. Now on to the IBL championship series.

    The Barrie Baycats defeated the Brantford Red Sox tonight in Brantford 14-4 to tie that series at three games each. London will play the winner for the 2014 IBL crown.

    UPDATE, AUG. 19: The London Majors and the 2014 pennant-winning Barrie Baycats will be squaring off for the 2014 the IBL crown as Sox lose 5-3 in Barrie.

    London Majors tie series with 12-4 win in Kitchener

    FINAL, AUG. 17: London Majors 12, Kitchener Panthers 4, in Kitchener. The best-of-seven-game, semi-final series is now tied at three games each.

    The next and final Game 7 will be at Labatt Park on Monday, Aug. 18 at 7:35 pm. Brett Sabourin is scheduled to be the starting pitcher for London. The winner moves on to the IBL championship series.

    Kitchener takes 3-2 series lead with 4-3 win at Labatt Park

    FINAL, AUG. 15: Kitchener Panthers 4, London Majors 3, at Labatt Park in 10 innings. Kitchener now leads the best-of-seven-game series 3-2.

    GAME 6: Saturday, August 16 at 4 pm in Kitchener. UPDATE, GAME 6: The London Majors-Kitchener Panthers semi-final playoff game scheduled for this afternoon in Kitchener has been postponed until tomorrow (Sun. Aug. 17) at 7 pm due to the weather. Kitchener leads the series 3-2.

  • GAME 6 PITCHING: The London Majors have lost one of their ace import pitchers, Wander Perez, who's reportedly signed a pro contract to play in Japan. It explains why he hasn't pitched in the Kitchener playoff series. Perez's last game pitched for London was July 25.

  • The London Yodeller Archives ~ Barry Wells

  • 2014 CIVIC ELECTION NOTES: Ward 4 Coun. Steve Orser's stated reason for seeking re-election: "It's the best job I've ever had." Good to know it's all about him (self-perceived entitlement).
    London Majors tie semi-final series at two with comeback win

    FINAL, AUG. 14: London Majors 11, Kitchener Panthers 8, in Kitchener. London scored 7 runs in the top of the 7th to go from a 7-4 deficit to an 11-7 lead. Former Majors' pitcher Adam Eichlin came in for Kitchener and couldn't get a single batter out as he repeatedly loaded the bases.

    The best-of-seven-game playoff series is now tied at 2 games each.

    NEXT GAME 5: Tonight (Fri. Aug. 15) at Labatt Park at 7:35 pm. Ice-cold beer is sold at all home games of the London Majors Baseball Club.


    The 2014 Mayor's Race: Explaining it All at City Hall

    YODELLING IN THE CANYON, August 14, 2014
    By Barry Wells

    The Dog Days of Summer may seem early to turn your mind to the 2014 municipal election (Voting Day is Oct. 27), but this vacation month you may have time to bone up on who's seeking The Big Chair to become The Top Banana, The Big Cheese.

    While nominations don't officially close until Fri. Sept. 12, it's likely all serious mayoral candidates have already surfaced, although it's possible Mr. or Ms. Wonderful could materialize out of thin air to file their papers and lead us to The Promised Land of Dripping Milk and Oozing Honey.

    Another thing: London's mayor only has one vote during committee and council meetings. Ditto for ward councillors. Without majority support on our council of 15 members, the mayor et al. can't accomplish anything. Remember that when you hear lofty promises on the campaign trail from those candidates blowing smoke.

    For a sitting mayor, the power of persuasion and building consensus are vital, while extreme views alienate council colleagues.

    There's 14 registered candidates for mayor (to date), in alphabetical order:

    1. Aaron BROUGHM: A self-described "Investigator-CEO at Search International 5, Missing Person Network," this is Broughm's second stab at the mayor's swivel chair. In the 2010 municipal election, he attracted 427 votes for a seventh-place finish. Broughm's campaign slogan is "Why not play it smart and choose a man of law?" Clearly a fringe candidate cluttering up the ballot. On facebook (fb). RATING: Pseudo lawman.

    2. Matt BROWN: Currently the Ward 7 councillor and a full-time educator, Brown had an excellent first term on council, demonstrating good judgment, an even hand, intelligence, competence and problem-solving abilities. Criticized by some for not being aggressive or bombastic enough. But we've seen enough bluster and bombast at city hall to last 100 lifetimes. Campaign slogan: "Our community can do better, together.", fb, twitter and YouTube. RATING: Solid choice. Outstanding.

    3. Roger CARANCI: Currently a sales representative with Royal LePage Triland Realty and an independent consultant, Caranci served on city council from 2000 to 2010 as an east-end ward councillor. Caranci has a well-deserved reputation as being unabashedly pro-development, even publicly admitting during a council meeting he has "cement running through his veins." Lawyer Fred Tranquilli, a former broadcaster and ward councillor (1997-2006) is Caranci's campaign manager. Campaign slogan: "Let's get working.", fb and twitter. RATING: No thanks.

    4. Paul CHENG: A well-to-do oil-and-gas, energy consultant, Cheng was a Reform Party of Canada candidate in the former federal riding of London East in 1993, coming in third. Cheng's website tries to impress voters with photos of far-away oil rigs and a blog about his important job in distant lands. Unusual to say the least. Campaign slogan: "Expect more. Demand better.", fb, twitter and YouTube. RATING: Thanks for coming out. Next time focus on London not the Sahara Desert.

     Marie Blosh Declares Candidacy for City Council in Ward 6 Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Thursday, August 14 2014 @ 12:01 AM EDT
     Viewed:  2,069 times  
  • Civic Meetings-Events in London, ON, from Wed. Aug. 13 ===>

    IBL PLAYOFFS: Majors win clutch game at Labatt Park

    GAME 3 FINAL, AUG. 13: London Majors 6, Kitchener Panthers 0 at Labatt Park. Kitchener leads the best-of-seven-game series 2-1. LFP story HERE.

    Game 4 - Thursday, August 14th at Kitchener 7:30 pm.

    Game 5 - The next home game at Labatt Park is Friday, August 15th at 7:35 pm.

    COITUS INTERRUPTUS: In and out, in and out ...

    BREAKING, AUG. 11: Former Ward 3 Coun. Bernie MacDonald who announced he was running again for Ward 3, is pulling out of the race, again.
    Ed Corrigan has filed in Ward 9 race

    THIS JUST IN, AUG. 12: It's been confirmed that former council member Ed Corrigan (2000-2003), a London lawyer, has filed his nomination papers for the Ward 9 race, a race without an incumbent running since Coun. Dale Henderson will not be seeking re-election, after what most city hall observers consider to be Henderson's disastrous foray into local politics.
    Why is Premier Wynne sticking her nose into local politics in London?

    BREAKING NEWS: Ward 4 candidate Jesse Helmer is advertising Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne as a "special guest" at his campaign fundraiser on Tuesday, August 19th at the Aeolian Hall.

    See here: Helmer Fundraiser.

    Premier Wynne is in London the same day to address delegates at the four-day Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference at the London Convention Centre (August 17-20).

    See here: LFP story about AMO conference in London.

    Is this an unwarranted excursion into municipal politics by Ontario's premier? Clearly, it's a significant news story.

    UPDATE: NOSE-STRETCHER OF THE WEEK ~ "Jesse Helmer @jesse_helmer · 2h It's not about partisan politics & folks from different parties support our campaign. I'm glad we can put our partisan differences aside." (from twitter)

    COMMENT: It's 100% partisan politics and all about the fundraising money, honey. Defend it for what it is, not for what it is not.

    Ward 4 Candidates (to date):

    Paul Pesach Gray
    Jesse Helmer
    Stephen Orser
    Sheryl Rooth
    George van der Schel

    Some action in Old East Village on the horizon

    BREAKING NEWS, AUG. 11: Peter Whatmore, Senior Vice President and Executive Managing Director, Broker of CBRE Southwestern Ontario, says the former Embassy property on Dundas Street East in Old East Village is the subject of a "conditional offer to purchase" and that you could see some housing on the property "within 18 months." (CJBK-AM this morning with Steve Garrison)
    London Majors now in a playoff jam

    FINAL, AUG. 10: Kitchener Panthers 7, London Majors 4. Kitchener leads the best-of-seven game semi-final series 2-0.

    You can't walk 10 batters in a ball game (as London did tonight) and expect to win. You've got to throw strikes.

    NEXT GAME: Labatt Park on Wednesday, August 13 at 7:35 pm.

    THOUGHT DU JOUR, AUG. 10: A politician whose priority is self-aggrandizement can never truly serve the people because they're too busy serving themselves or their real masters. Voting Day in the upcoming municipal election is Oct. 27, 2014. Don't be fooled by charlatans.
  • The London Yodeller online

  • VIDEO: The Labatt Park documentary nearing completion will be premiered at Labatt Park itself sometime in September, time and date to be announced.


    Marie Blosh Declares Candidacy for City Council in Ward 6

    August 8, 2014

    Long-time neighbourhood activist Marie Blosh filed to run for the Ward 6 seat on London City Council today. The first woman to file for the seat being vacated by two-term councillor Nancy Branscombe, Blosh says that it is her experience working on behalf of the neighbourhood and other local issues that makes her stand out from the other candidates.

    "I will be a new face at the city council table but not a new face at city hall. As president of the Broughdale Community Association and a member of two advisory committees I understand how municipal government works. My experience as a railroad locomotive operator, as a lawyer and as a librarian has prepared me to take on this leadership role."

    Marie Blosh has made London her home for 13 years and says she was honoured to receive a Queen’s Jubilee medal in recognition of her commitment to civic affairs. In addition to her work on behalf of her neighbourhood, Marie has served on London’s advisory committees on heritage (LACH) and animal welfare (AWAC). It is her combined experience in all these issues that made her decide to run for city council.

    read more (235 words) 2 comments
    Most Recent Post: 08/11 05:29PM by Butch McLarty

     Councillor's innovative re-election campaign includes harassing constituents, by Barry Wells Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Saturday, August 09 2014 @ 12:01 AM EDT
     Viewed:  2,546 times  
    GAME 1: Majors blow an 8-0 lead, lose 16-11

    FINAL, AUG. 8:: Kitchener Panthers 16, London Majors 11. At the end of five innings, London was leading 8-0. Kitchener scored 8 runs in the top of the eighth inning. Kitchener leads the best-of-seven-game series 1-0. GAME 2: Sunday, August 10th at Kitchener, 7pm.
    OUT OF THE JOINT: Marc Emery should be back in Canada on Tuesday

    BREAKING NEWS, AUG. 8: According to wife Jodie Emery, Marc Emery was told by an Immigrations & Customs Enforcement officer today that he'll be returning to Canada next week, likely on Tuesday, August 12.

    That's when Canadian deportees are flown out of Louisiana to Detroit (on Tuesdays), where he would be escorted by US Marshals to the Canadian border at Windsor. Developing ...

    Mayor Baechler fed up with the juvenile games

    Maybe Orser didn't get the memo that his buddy Joe Fontana is no longer mayor but resigned in disgrace on June 19

    Exasperated with the ongoing juvenile games at city hall, most recently with Coun. Orser's dubious implication of the "Baechler Bunch" regarding the latest orchestrated complaint to the provincial Ombudsman, Mayor Joni Baechler said on 1290-CJBK this morning she's considering endorsing candidates in various wards to try and help ensure her successor has an adult, competent council to work with during the next four-year term.
    Mayor Baechler is not seeking re-election after serving 14 years on London city council as a ward councillor and four months as mayor.

  • Remember this complaint earlier this year (later dismissed)?, LFP

  • Playoff Baseball Friday Night at Labatt Park

    Intercounty Baseball League Semi-Final Playoff Series Game 1

    The London Majors host the Kitchener Panthers at Labatt Park on Friday, August 8 at 7:35 pm in a best-of-seven-game playoff series with the winner advancing to the IBL championship series.

    $10 for adults and $8 for students/seniors and still $2 for parking in the stadium (limited - so come early) - Gates open at 6:30pm. Parking also available behind the Kiwanis Seniors' Centre on Riverside Drive.

    Ice-cold beer is sold at all home games of the London Majors.

    Semi-Final Series:
    Game 1- Friday August 8th at London 7:35pm, KIT: 16-11
    Game 2 - Sunday August 10th at Kitchener 7pm, KIT: 7-4
    Game 3 - Tuesday August 12th at London 7:35pm, Postponed to Aug. 13
    Game 4 - Thursday August 14th at Kitchener 7:30pm
    Game 5 - Friday August 15th at London 7:35pm (if necessary)
    Game 6 - Saturday August 16th at Kitchener 4 pm (if necessary)
    Game 7 - Sunday August 17th at London 1:05pm (if necessary)

    THIS JUST IN, AUG. 5: Former veteran councillor Bernie MacDonald, 71, has refiled for the Ward 3 race after previously withdrawing on May 13 for family reasons.
  • The London Yodeller Archives ~ Barry Wells

  • Sloppy Joe Swantana™ incurs election expenses before filing his nomination papers

    'We need to set a gold star standard for public office.' ~ Joe Swantana

    A seamless campaign launch. The stuff dreams are made of

    As of 4 pm today (July 31), Ward 3 Coun. Joe Swan has yet to file his nomination papers for mayor at the city clerk's office. It would appear he's in violation of the Municipal Elections Act by incurring expenses prior to filing, noting that he's had election signs made up and even erected some.

    UPDATE: Now he's filed so he must have done it between 4 and 4:30 pm (July 31) because I called the elections office at 4 pm and he still hadn't registered yet.

    Swan held a media conference yesterday afternoon (July 30) at 4 pm at the London Music Hall announcing his candidacy for mayor, with election materials (signs, pamphlets and a website) on display during the media conference.

    Municipal Elections Act: "Expenses ~ 76.(1) An expense shall not be incurred by or on behalf of a person unless he or she is a candidate. 1996, c. 32, Sched., s. 76 (1)."

    Any elector can file a complaint and request a post-election compliance audit by contacting the City of London elections office: Phone: 519-661-4535; E-mail:

    This was the top story on the CTV-London 6 News. Story HERE.

  • Prince of Pot Marc Emery gives his first interview since his lengthy incarceration, CBC, July 31


    Councillor's innovative re-election campaign includes harassing constituents

    Barry Wells

    Since there's no vetting process for candidates as there is by federal and provincial political parties, municipal election campaigns can be entertaining affairs. Lay your money down ~ $200 for the mayoral race and $100 for the ward races ~ and you're off and running like a hound dog on a bone hunt.

    As a result, there's always a whack of "fringe candidates" entering the fray with next-to-no chance of electoral success. These all-stars with no public profile invariably emerge from obscurity to file their nomination papers and return to obscurity after the election, landing a few hundred votes in the process.

    The upside is, these whimsical characters often provide comic relief from the stage during all-candidate meetings ~ if they even bother attending them.

    What fringe candidates never seem to realize is, the time to make a name for yourself is between elections, serving as a volunteer with a community organization or two, a local board or a city hall advisory committee.

    If they were serious about public life, they'd get involved, establish their bona fides and then seek elected office with a record of public service to point to.

    To date, of the 84 registered candidates for London's municipal election this October, about 27 are fringe candidates, eight of which are seeking the mayor's chair from the obscurity of "left field." (At press time, there's 12 candidates in total registered for the mayor's race with Joe Swantana™ scheduled to finally make a decision about seeking the Big Chair on July 30. See for the complete list of candidates. Eyes right. ========>)

    Then there's the council incumbents, who traditionally run serious campaigns, without Twilight Zone overtones.

    BUFFOONERY: Ward 4 Coun. Steve Orser, however, is an exception to this rule. Considered by many to be the clown prince of London city council after two, four-year terms in the hot seat (2006-2014), he's pioneered an innovative way to seek re-election. Namely, utilizing full-time buffoonery and by harassing constituents on social media, constituents who've criticized his antics as a member of the "Fontana Ate."

    * The most recent examples unfolded on facebook late on Friday, July 11, just before the "super full moon" of Saturday, July 12. Using his girlfriend's facebook account, Orser tried to "friend" individuals he'd previously blocked or been blocked by (presumably to monitor their comments), even messaging one Ward 4 critic with: "This is Councillor Stephen Orser, I just looked at your crap on the internet about me."

      Stunning Birdhouse, Stormin' Norm Aldridge and The Famous (San Diego) Chicken®  
    Ontario Ministry of the Environment Hot-Line
    (odours, spills, pesticides)
    8:30 am to 4:30 pm

    New four-plex birdhouse at Labatt Park, designed and constructed by London's Master Birdhouse Builder Gordon A. Harrison. Another project of the Friends of Labatt Park. PHOTO: Gord Harrison, June 6, 2013

    Stormin' Norm Aldridge (pictured above in 1998 at The Rumble at the Riverforks) has provided spiritual inspiration to Butch (the Beast) McLarty since Butch was knee-high to a grasshopper. PHOTO: Herb (The Shooter) Walsh, May 31, 1998

    The Famous Chicken® checks in with Butchie-boy from Southern California

    In response to an e-mail I'd sent him earlier in the day, I received the following e-mailed response from Ted Giannoulas, aka The Famous Chicken®, on Tuesday, May 11, 2010.

    Hi Butch,

    Thank you for your interest and consideration.

    Yes, indeed, I did operate the scoreboard in right field at Labatt Park during the years 1965, 1966 & 1967 during my Empress School days. It paid 25 cents a game and it was great fun, let alone free baseball from 325 feet away!

    My operation wasn't for each game because management hired on a first come, first serve, volunteer basis back then. As such, kids would rush to the park on game nights and many times, management had to pick from many candidates. Still, I recall they favored me several times because they said I hardly missed a pitch and was timely and accurate on the run postings.

    Hope this info helps and thanks for your enthusiasm on the statue idea. If it happens, the pigeons may continue to reek their hazard on me in spirit, just as they did during my Labatt years when they'd perch on the top ledge of the scoreboard!

    Best regards,
    Ted Giannoulas
    The Famous Chicken