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 There's considerable scientific evidence demonstrating that water fluoridation is dangerous, unnecessary and unethical    
 Author:  Butch McLarty
 Dated:  Tuesday, January 24 2012 @ 01:41 AM EST
 Viewed:  2,141 times  
Storybook seals likely leaving the can-do City of Opportunity

TUESDAY, JAN. 24: Last night at city hall, the Community Services Standing Committee voted 4-1 to recommend relocating all the wildlife, including the harbour seals, at Storybook Gardens to out-of-town facilities in Canada and the U.S.

Only committee member Coun. Dale Henderson (pictured left) voted against the recommendation. The matter goes to City Council next Tuesday night (Jan. 31).

  • 2008 Business Plan proposed improving popular wildlife enclosures at Storybook Gardens

  • The following sentence is from the 2008 council-approved Business Plan for Storybook Gardens:

    "Although the reduction to only farm animals is quite attractive from a financial perspective, it would have a drastic impact on the marketability of Storybook Gardens and we recommend maintaining a 'Modified Zoo and Farm.'”

    TRANSLATION: City staff are now wanting to implement what they once said would "have a drastic impact on the marketability of Storybook Gardens" in 2008, noting the "modified zoo and farm" concept meant keeping the popular seals and a few other wildlife exhibits.

    No wonder some council members are confused.

  • Regarding the remaining wildlife at Storybook Gardens, this "added" report is going before the Community Services Committee tonight at 7 pm, Jan. 23

  • FROM THE REPORT: "The modified zoo option was presented and endorsed in 2008 recognized that the Storybook Gardens zoo enclosures are aging and do not meet cunent best practices and public expectations for the housing of captive wildlife. The 'modified zoo' approach anticipated maintaining the seal pool and possibly as many as 2-3 other main [wildlife] exhibits, the remaining exhibits were to be enhanced and improved as funding allowed. Subsequent investigation into renovation of the existing enclosures to bring them up to current standards is estimated to be in the millions of dollars and far exceeds available funding."

    TRANSLATION: City staff's original plan was to keep and improve the sea pool and a few other wildlife exhibits at Storybook but City staff changed their minds.

  • Proposed seal move from Storybook Gardens making waves, LFP, Jan. 23

  • I just put in an order for a hundred T-shirts with "Save the Seals!" emblazoned on the front. Figure it works for animal rights activists and me

  • Time to leave the City of Opportunity behind, LCW, Jan. 23

  • Slippery the Sea Lion had the right idea back in 1958. Ditto for the Lombardo orchestra in 1924. Let's blow this pop stand! Senior City managers Jeff Fielding, Pat McNally and Ron Standish are leaving at the end of January 2012!

    If one actually reads the 2008 Business Plan, getting rid of all the wildlife was not proposed. Improving the most popular wildlife exhibits was proposed.

    What happened?

    Perhaps there's been a coup at London city hall, with community services staff successfully executing the takeover.

  • VIDEO: Thousands Rally in London, Ontario, CTV-London, Jan. 22

  • Mayor calls out PM at labour rally, LFP, Jan. 22

  • Civic Works Committee agenda regarding water fluoridation ~ public participation meeting on Jan. 25

  • It's time for another ballot question. 45 years is too long

  • Tax-and-spend levy-slush fund dead ~ for now; first they have to figure out what they'd do with OUR money, LFP, Jan. 21

  • CIVIC SNAKEOIL: First Mayor Joe et al. tried to sell us a bill of goods regarding restructuring London Hydro in order to make it more attractive to sell to Edmonton-based utility giant EPCOR and that idea crashed-and-burned; then they wanted to whack us all with a "1%-economic-development levy" and that slush-fund scheme swirled down the toilet. But rest assured they'll try again on both fronts in the not-to-distant future. After all, London is the City of Opportunity. P.S. Which way to the urban beach?

    Baseball Canada's favourite ballpark banner to be unveiled at Labatt Park on July 14

    BREAKING NEWS, JAN. 21: Another AltLondon news exclusive ~ AltLondon has learned the City of London will be unveiling "Baseball Canada's Favourite Ballpark banner" ~ won last summer by historic Labatt Memorial Park after a two-month online contest conducted by Baseball Canada ~ during London's Eager Beaver Baseball Association (EBBA)'s annual Frank Colman Day at the park on Saturday, July 14, 2012.
    BREAKING NEWS: End of an era at London's Storybook Gardens

  • ARCHIVAL VIDEO: The legend of Slippery the Seal, Channel 10, 1958

  • Slippery the Seal was a superstar in 1958, CDN, Jan. 21

  • The Saga of Slippery the Sea Lion, DD, Jan. 21

  • THIS JUST IN, 12 PM, JAN. 20: An AltLondon scoop ... Bowing to pressure from organizations such as Zoocheck Canada et al., the City of London/ Storybook Gardens will be re-locating their non-domesticated animals later this year, including the harbour seals, beavers, otter, lynx and birds of prey to better wildlife facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

    The City of London was close to spending $600-K on a 10-day light show in the downtown but it seems it never occurred to our civic brain-trust to upgrade the facilities for the animals at Storybook Gardens. The most recent public input regarding Storybook Gardens was in 2008 ~ with a previous city council.

    And yet community services department staff have announced this wildlife relocation from Storybook is a done deal with only a "verbal" report by City staff mentioned online. NEW: A written report, apparently, will be available on the City's website on Monday morning, according to a Friday afternoon media release from the City.

    City staff's recent decision to unload ALL wildlife at Storybook Gardens is not proposed in the Business Plan from 2008

    In the 2008 Business Plan (on which public participation and council action were based), there were no plans to unload ALL wildlife. In fact, improvements were proposed to the respective enclosures (seal sea pool, otter, beaver etc.) and staff reported "The sea pool [housing the seals] is the most popular animal exhibit in the park."

    ALTERNATE POINT OF VIEW RECEIVED BY E-MAIL: "This process has been very open and transparent ~ it just has not been of great public interest and has occurred over time.

    "There was a Public Participation process in April of 2008 to discuss a new future for Storybook. This was openly advertised and there was a PPM.

    "The PPM was covered in The London Free Press in advance of the actual meeting, and there was still only a very small list of delegates, so this was not a burning issue for Londoners.

    "Later, a Citizen Task Force was created ~ again, openly advertised and open to any Londoner to apply for.

    "There were various work groups as part of this Task Force, Environmental Initiatives, Inter-active Play, Literacy, Storybook Themes, and Animals. About 30 people participated in this.

    "These work groups met for about 8 weeks and filed recommendations to Storybook management.

    "The recommendation from the Animals sub-committee was that the wild animal portion of the zoo be phased out and improvements made for the remaining domestic animals.

    "City Council later passed a motion that the zoo would be modified over time, which would include transferring animals out. It was noted that this is a lengthy process that may take several years, as indeed it has.

    "This was in an open Council meeting.

    "So ~ there has been a lot of civic engagement and open discussion, and this has not been done in secret."

    Storybook Gardens first opened in 1958 amid much fanfare. To read a comprehensive history of Storybook Gardens by historian Carling Marshall-Luymes, CLICK HERE.

  • 1290-CJBK-AM is holding a London Theme Song contest ($1,000 cash prize), CJBK, Jan. 20

  • Civic Meetings in London, ON, Mon. Jan. 23 to Fri. Jan. 27

  • Another Londoner questions council's commitment to 'citizen engagement' Jan. 20

  • STATUTORY BALLOT QUESTION: "Are you in favour of the discontinuance of the fluoridation of the public water supply of this municipality?"

    THOUGHT DU JOUR: Even if you support local water fluoridation, you should also support the right of Londoners to vote on the matter via a ballot question during the 2014 municipal election ~ noting the last ballot question regarding water fluoridation was 45 years ago in 1967 when the vast majority of Londoners alive today were either not born yet or not of legal voting age.

    As Dr. William Hirzy, Senior Vice President of the EPA's Professionals Headquarters Union, put it, "if this stuff [hydrofluosilicic acid] gets out into the air, it’s a pollutant; if it gets into the river, it’s a pollutant; if it gets into the lake, it’s a pollutant; but if it goes right straight into your drinking water system, it’s not a pollutant. That’s amazing!"

  • VIDEO: Peanut butter falls in love with Jam

  • VIDEO: Snooze you lose 'cause I've got news for you, YT, Jan. 19

  • VIDEO: An interview with Dr. Hardy Limeback regarding water fluoridation, Part 1 of 3, YT, Jan. 17

  • Water fluoridation: Benefits and risks, FC, Jan. 17

  • Ontario's Fluoridation Act sets out the process to put fluoride into Ontario's public drinking water and also for its removal


    Added Communication regarding water fluoridation public participation meeting on Jan. 25, 2012, at Centennial Hall

    Chair and Members
    Civic Works Committee
    The Corporation of the City of London
    c/o the City Clerk's office

    Re: There's considerable scientific evidence demonstrating that water fluoridation is dangerous, unnecessary and unethical

    Incredibly, Dr. Bryna Warshawsky, Associate Medical Officer of Health at the Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU), publicly stated on the radio a few months ago that there's NO scientific evidence to cause us concern about water fluoridation.

    In this regard, please note the scores of scientific studies cited below from an article by Dr. Hardy Limeback, BSc, PhD, DDS ("Why I am now officially opposed to adding fluoride to drinking water"), one of Canada's leading authorities on preventive dentistry and water fluoridation, to judge for yourself whether or not there's any scientific evidence that water fluoridation is harmful to human health.

    You can read many of the individual scientific studies and reports cited below, online by Googling them.

    The MLHU's fall-back position is, as I understand it, due to the relatively low levels of fluoride in London's drinking water, there is no cause for concern. But scientific studies also indicate that fluoride and its associated toxins accumulates in our tissue and organs.

    One of the tenets of modern medicine is that it's unethical to medicate an adult (with all of their mental faculties) against their will. Water fluoridation of our drinking water is clearly "mass medication" based on the local authority of a ballot question from 45 years ago (1967).

    At the very least, Londoners deserve a new ballot question regarding water fluoridation during London's 2014 civic election ~ noting the majority of Londoners alive today were not of voting age in 1967.

    At first, positive change seems impossible, then improbable, then inevitable.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Barry Wells


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  • There's considerable scientific evidence demonstrating that water fluoridation is dangerous, unnecessary and unethical | 3 comments | Create New Account
    The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.
    There's considerable scientific evidence demonstrating that water fluoridation is dangerous, unnecessary and unethical
    Authored by: Butch (The Beast) McLarty on Tuesday, January 17 2012 @ 06:45 PM EST

    There's a public participation meeting regarding local water fluoridation on Jan.
    25, 2012 at 7pm at Centennial Hall. The City of London has booked Centennial
    Hall because they are expecting a large turnout.

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    There's considerable scientific evidence demonstrating that water fluoridation is dangerous, unnecessary and unethical
    Authored by: Butch (The Beast) McLarty on Tuesday, January 24 2012 @ 06:37 AM EST

    BREAKING NEWS: Survey reveals many Londoners are heartbroken they won't be
    whacked with a "1% economic development levy" in 2012. "I was really looking
    forward to it" says Larry Schmidlapper, a longtime Londoner. "My wife and I like
    the idea of a city hall slush fund to be spent on those zany projects that crop up
    from time to time when council members get a brain wave."

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    There's considerable scientific evidence demonstrating that water fluoridation is dangerous, unnecessary and unethical
    Authored by: Butch (The Beast) McLarty on Thursday, January 26 2012 @ 01:33 PM EST

    When City staff make the statement in a Business Plan "Although the
    reduction to only farm animals is quite attractive from a financial perspective,
    it would have a drastic impact on the marketability of Storybook Gardens and
    we recommend maintaining a 'Modified Zoo and Farm'” it speaks volumes no
    matter what they say later.

    Either it's an accurate statement or it's not. It's now moving into "planned
    obsolescence" mode because the truth is the City of London is in over its head
    running an attraction such as this in a competent manner ~ and they know it.

    The truth is that Storybook Garden has been synonymous with Slippery the
    Seal and seals since 1958 and everyone with three brain cells to rub together
    knows it. The City's own survey among kids has identified the seals as the
    most popular feature at Storybook Gardens.

    What sort of brain surgeon would remove the most popular feature from
    Storybook Gardens?

    What sort of brain surgeon would propose a "1% economic development levy"
    without specifically identifying the project the levy would be used for?

    What sort of brain surgeon would attempt to dupe the general public by
    proposing to restructure London Hydro as a one-two sucker bunch in order
    to make it more attractive for Edmonton-based utility giant EPCOR to buy

    What sort of brain surgeon would restructure its local governance model twice
    in 12 months, thereby confusing the public while chanting the empty mantra
    of "citizen engagement"?

    What sort of brain surgeon would unveil a malfunctioning robot named "Joe"
    before 1,200 people?

    One only has to examine the ongoing Springbank Dam fiasco to identify the
    brain surgeon(s).

    The reality is our local government is flipping around like a fish on a loading
    dock while trying to pretend they know what they're doing.

    P.S. Three top City bureaucrats ~ Jeff Fielding, Pat McNally and Ron Standish ~
    are all leaving effective Jan. 31, 2012. They're not leaving because "London is
    the city of Opportunity."

    To advertise on Alt-London contact me at We have reasonable rates designed to fit any advertising budget.