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 2015 London Majors' Home Games (Regular Season)  ?

2015 Regular Season Home Games of the IBL's London Majors Baseball Club (Labatt Memorial Park at Wilson and Riverside)

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 London Majors hammer the Burlington Twins 12-2 during Kids Day at Labatt Park    
 Author:  Betty McLarty
 Dated:  Saturday, June 23 2012 @ 12:00 AM EDT
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  • BREAKING NEWS: More nonsense from the London Rippers, LCN, June 22

  • Does ice-cold beer and baseball tickle your fancy? Head down to historic Labatt Park on Tuesday, June 26 at 7:30 pm to watch the London Majors take on the Hamilton Cardinals.
  • The London Rippers Baseball Club issues a statement which says they're the only tenant at Labatt Park, LR, June 22

  • Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!®

    The Ontario Ministry of Labour ~ Know your Employee Rights and Employer Responsibilities

  • London Rippers having difficulty drawing flies; I wonder why? RTV, June 21

  • UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR: 'We understand the name [and logo] may not be liked by all and we were prepared that some won’t buy tickets or come to games.' ~ London Rippers

  • No beer at Rippers' home games at Labatt Park, just London Majors' games, LFP, June 21

  • The London Free Press wades into the debate regarding the City of London retooling its website without offering an open request for proposals, LFP, June 20

  • P.S. The above LFP opinion column is embarrassing, lightweight commentary. Grade-school stuff. Why doesn't it discuss such things as the huge annual licensing fees paid by the City of London to Microsoft® ($700-K), open-source software as opposed to pricey propriety software (Microsoft's SharePoint), sole-source contracts as opposed to an open request for proposals, Microsoft's practice of (and rationale for) certifying certain web developers and the merits of hiring capable tech-support staff at city hall? The above-mentioned column is a waste of space and does nothing to enlighten Londoners about the real issues surrounding this important public-interest story

  • FEAR AND LOATHING AT LONDON CITY HALL: Attack of the Killer Joe-Boys, TMR, June 19

  • Justin Bieber's impromptu performance in Stratford last Saturday, SFR, June 17

  • Heat wave heading our way, LFP, June 17

  • Environment Canada's seven-day forecast for London, Ontario, EC, June 17

  • FINAL: Ottawa Fat Cats 11, London Majors 4 at Labatt Park last night (June 16).

    IBL story HERE.

    Ottawa Fat Cats vs. London Majors tonight (Saturday, June 16) at historic Labatt Park at 7:30 pm.

    Adults: $8; Seniors and Kids 12 and under: $6; Beer is sold during all home games of the London Majors Baseball Club.

  • Civic Meetings in London, ON, from Mon. June 18 to Fri. June 22

  • THOUGHT DU JOUR: The best thing about baseball is you can spend six months on grass and not get busted.
    FINAL: London Majors 9, Kitchener Panthers 6 at Labatt Park (Friday, June 15) to move into a tie for 2nd spot in the IBL standings with a 10-5 regular season record.

    IBL story HERE.

  • The London Majors defeated the Kitchener Panthers last night (Thursday, June 14) in Kitchener, 10-7.

    IBL Story HERE.

    The Majors play Kitchener again tonight at Labatt Park starting at 7:30 pm and host the Ottawa Fat Cats at Labatt Park Sarturday night (June 16) at 7:30 pm.

    Tonight's game at Labatt Park is live on HERE.

    Who paid for the move of the four Storybook seals? Who was in charge of the move to the St. Louis Zoo? It was the St. Louis Zoo, not Zoocheck Canada

    It's interesting that The London Free Press continues to report Zoocheck Canada paid for the move of the four Storybook harbour seals (three of which have died) to the St. Louis Zoo when both Florine Morrison, a director with Zoocheck Canada and Vickie Van Linden of Friends of Captive Animals, say the trip was not funded by Zoocheck Canada but was handled and funded entirely by the St. Louis Zoo and that the St. Louis people didn't even want Zoocheck people involved in the actual move from Storybook Gardens.

    CTV London is reporting that a $120,000 donation from retired TV celebrity Bob Barker to Zoocheck Canada was for the move of other animals from Storybook Gardens that went to wildlife sanctuaries, but not for the move of the Storybook seals headed to the St. Louis Zoo.

    So it appears Dan Brown's Free Press story is wrong.

  • Today's London Free Press story is here.
  • Scroll down to yesterday's CJBK interviews with Vickie Van Linden and Florine Morrison here

  • 'Water-Misting System' from some hardware store

  • BREAKING NEWS: Third Storybook seal dies at Indianapolis zoo, LCN, June 13

  • THREE SEALS DEAD: Plastic spray bottle deemed a 'water-misting system,' cjbk, June 14

  • An excerpt from a City of London media release dated June 10, 2012: "All the seals were checked by vets in London and St. Louis in February and then checked again last Wednesday. A professional marine mammal carrier was contracted to handle the transport in a specially-equipped, air-conditioned trailer. Throughout the transport, a water-misting system was used to provide additional comfort for the animals."
  • THIS JUST IN: There was no "water-misting system" in the seals' transport trailer as was widely reported, according to Zoocheck Canada director and longtime London animal rights' activist Florine Morrison. St. Louis marine mammal curator apprently misted them manually with a two-litre (gallon?) plastic jug ("spray bottle") at various stops along the way. Developing ...

    John Riddell, Manager, Storybook Gardens, has confirmed the "water-misting system" in the seals' transport trailer was in fact a manually operated spray bottle that was used during intermittent stops along the journey every 90 minutes to two hours or so.

    Does a manually operated spray bottle spring to mind when you read "water-misting system"?

    "High-tech trailer" with "water-misting system" (a manually operated spray bottle) was used to transport Storybook seals to the U.S.

  • IS THIS AN UNDECLARED CONFLICT OF INTEREST?: Mayor Fontana and Loredana Onesan, CEO of Fincore Consulting (proponent of South Street development proposal), both sit on board of directors of "Show Kids You Care" and "Trinity Global Support Foundation", SKYC, June 13

  • Fontana says he doesn't believe it is a conflict of interest "in any way shape or form." (CTV London news clip video, below)

    Ontario's Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.

  • The backroom plot thickens on South Street development proposal, THR, June 13

  • SMOKE AND MIRRORS: "Several weeks ago neighbours near the proposed development site were invited to a meeting with FinCore Canada’s principle, Loredana Onesan Bowler. First, though, they had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. It is understood the artist renderings neighbours were shown were considerable different than what was unveiled to the public on Saturday – shorter, squatter towers more in keeping with the medium-density zoning." ~ Journalist Phil McLeod

  • Interesting media release given that Fincore Canada doesn't even own the South Street lands, FC, June 13


    London Majors hammer the Burlington Twins 12-2 during Kids Day at Labatt Park

  • IBL Standings, June 13

  • In London at historic Labatt Park (June 12), the Majors took charge early with six runs in the second inning and held on for a 12-2 win over the visiting Burlington Twins in one of three games played in the Intercounty Baseball League on Tuesday.

    Cory Hammond earned the win for the Majors (8-5), pitching five scoreless innings allowing just four hits with three walks and six strikeouts to start off the ball game.

    Adwin Springer homered and singled in the win, scoring once and driving in two, while Cleveland Brownlee also homered and drove in three while scoring twice.

    Byron Reichstein singled and doubled, driving in two and scoring once while Steve Froese singled, scored three times and drove in two. Alan Cattrysse, Paul LaMantia and Joel Gattoni each singled, scored and registered an RBI while Ronando DeLosSantos and Jason Schneider singled and scored a run.

    Starter Connor Smith suffered the loss for the Twins (4-9), allowing six hits and seven earned runs with three walks over the first two innings. The Twins used a total of six pitchers on the afternoon.

    Jeff Costa singled and drove in two runs while Connor Panas singled and scored a run in the loss. Phil Steer, Branson Joseph, Ryan Asis and Zach Elbirt each chipped in with a single for the visitors.

    BURLINGTON ..... 0000020002-6-2
    LONDON ........... 16020012x12-11-1

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  • London Majors hammer the Burlington Twins 12-2 during Kids Day at Labatt Park | 1 comments | Create New Account
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    London Majors hammer the Burlington Twins 12-2 during Kids Day at Labatt Park
    Authored by: mindtwister on Wednesday, June 13 2012 @ 05:32 PM EDT
    Regarding Mayor Fontana's conflict of interest:

    What's it gonna take for Londoners to figure out that our Snake Oil Salesman of a Mayor is out to sell London out from underneath the taxpayers feet. Too damn bad we can't "impeach" our mayor or have him recalled.

    Regarding the story about the seals from Storybrook that died enroute to their new home in the U.S.

    What the hell did you expect from our rinky dink Parks and Recreation Department anyway? Heads should roll there and Coxhead's head should be first. Talk about cruelty to animals!

    Maybe someone should stick all those responsible for this fiasco in a truck and hose him them down occassionaly during their own thousand kilometer plus trip to Louisville.