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 The Beating Drums of Opposition to Water Fluoridation    
 Author:  Butch McLarty
 Dated:  Wednesday, May 21 2014 @ 12:01 AM EDT
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  • Dr. James Beck, physician, biophysicist and co-author of a 2010 book about water fluoridation (The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There), will be speaking (by satellite video) in the Vitali Lounge of King's College at 4 pm on Saturday, May 24th. FREE ADMISSION AND PARKING.

  • The Beating Drums of Opposition to Water Fluoridation

    By Josh Hill

    Here in London, Ontario, my local government adds a fluoride-containing chemical to our water supply to purportedly protect us from unnecessary tooth decay.

    If this action is overwhelmingly supported by science as being safe, why for 30 years have I been rhythmically nodding my head to the beating drums of opposition to water fluoridation?

    Members of this opposition are found locally and abroad. They also span the gamut of measurable demographics. A practice so safe and effective should not garner criticism from diverse people everywhere.

    Type the word "Fluoride" into an internet search engine and focus on the scientific literature. There is enough material to preoccupy you for weeks.

    However, you won't need weeks to determine that the science is far from settled on fluoride. From how it works to reward versus risk, there is controversy surrounding all aspects of fluoride's interaction with our bodies. A public hearing on water-fluoridation took place here in London two years ago. The then Associate Medical Officer of Health informed us that fluoride predominantly benefits the teeth through topical application. Her short answer and the phrasing of it, left me wondering about the benefit of swallowing fluoride.

    Biochemists have published information that suggests the human body's internal environment is harmed by fluoride. In fact, at the time the water-fluoridation program began, biochemists were among it's staunchest critics because they had been using fluoride in their experiments to suppress the activity of enzymes. I must add that these experiments often ended badly for the subjects involved.

    My teeth are healthy and I want them to stay that way. I would rarely laugh or smile if opening my mouth became reason for embarrassment. However, I do not value the health of my teeth above the health of my whole body. My brain and nervous system is far more important to me.

    Do the politicians responsible for adding fluoride to my community's water supply share my logic? How highly do they value the brain? How well do they use it?

    The study of fluoride's interaction with the nervous system has been ongoing for decades. One hundred and twenty such studies suggest that fluoride harms, or at least may harm, that area of the body.

    The risk of harm is greatest during development and maturation. During the prenatal period, fluoride has been proven to pass from mother to baby through the umbilical cord.

    In a study of aborted fetuses, researchers were able to demonstrate fluoride-induced brain damage. Behaviour, concentration, memory and intelligence; they all seem to be negatively affected by fluoride.

    Unlike some shock-jock, I don't reap any satisfaction from alarming people. This editorial has been written with high quality information and credibility in mind.

    The archives of Harvard University contain fluoride research. In a 2012 Harvard publication, a report entitled "Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis" revealed that exposure to fluoride at an early age seems to lower IQ.

    To arrive at this conclusion, the group of academics involved gathered and analyzed 27 of the best available and relevant studies. Each study looked at two groups of children.

    One group was consistently exposed to a higher level of fluoride than the other. In twenty-three of these studies, the children with the higher level of fluoride exposure had, on average, significantly lower IQ scores.

    The Harvard researchers admitted the aforementioned studies were imperfect. That admission was a call to action, however, not an endorsement of ignorance. Even the possible existence of a negative correlation between fluoride exposure and human intelligence demands further investigation. Fluoride, when swallowed, touches the entire puzzle that is health, not just the dental piece.

    Water fluoridation should be suspended until further research has proven its safety. Science has evolved throughout history because of the persistence of research. If we were unwilling to acknowledge new information, our gasoline would still contain lead and our doctors would still participate in cigarette ads.

    Governments everywhere are taking another look at water fluoridation.

    Earlier this year, the state of Israel banned the practice within its borders. Here in Canada, water fluoridation is under municipal jurisdiction via the provincial Fluoridation Act. Calgary, Quebec City, Vancouver, Waterloo and Windsor do not practice it.

    For 30 years, the beating drums of fluoride opposition have kept my head nodding. Today, I am among the drummers in procession; however, ending the practice in London will likely require many more.

    Londoners will have the opportunity to explore this issue further:

    Dr. James Beck, physician, biophysicist and co-author of a 2010 book about Water-Fluoridation will be speaking in the Vitali lounge of Kings College at 4 pm on Saturday, May 24th.

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  • The Beating Drums of Opposition to Water Fluoridation | 1 comments | Create New Account
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    The Beating Drums of Opposition to Water Fluoridation
    Authored by: Butch (The Beast) McLarty on Monday, May 19 2014 @ 01:46 PM EDT

    Water fluoridation is unsafe, unnecessary, ineffective (works only by topical
    application, not by drinking it) and unethical (no informed consent to mass

    Drinking fluoride to prevent dental caries is like drinking shampoo to wash
    your hair or drinking sunscreen to prevent sun burn.

    Despite the relatively low concentrations of fluoride in our public drinking
    water, over time it accumulates in our bones, tissue and organs, causing a
    myriad of health problems.

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