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 London, Ontario's 2014 Municipal Election  ?

Leroy Osbourne

Thames Valley Public School Board Trustee

Wards 7, 8, 9, 10 & 13

Our children, Our city's future.

129 (FINAL)
Registered Candidates for London's 2014 Municipal Election

Nominations closed on Sept. 12, 2014 at 2 pm

Advance Poll Locations and Dates

Voting Day is Monday, October 27, 2014

City of London Electoral Ward Map

City of London Elections Office: Phone: 519-661-4535; E-mail:

Click on the name of the individual candidates to see their contact information ~ * denotes an incumbent

Aaron Broughm WITHDREW AUG. 22

Matt Brown * currently Ward 7's councillor

Roger Caranci

Paul Cheng

Steve Gardner

Tae Khun Ha

Arnon Kaplansky

Donna Kelley

Jim Kogelheide

Dan Lenart

Alexander Main

Marie Miszczak

Carlos Murray

Dennis Perry

Ma'in Sinan

Joe Swan * currently Ward 3's councillor

Ward 1

James Beynen

Judith Carter

Michael Van Holst

Daniel O’Neail WITHDREW SEPT. 5

Christopher Perry

Bud Polhill *

Nate Youskow WITHDREW ON JULY 14

Ward 2

Bill Armstrong *

Tammy Lee Marche WITHDREW ON JULY 7

Nancy McSloy

Steve Polhill

Ward 3

Claudette Jeanne Drouin WITHDREW SEPT. 10

Bill Harris


Nick Masciotra

Mohamed Salih

Garth Williams

Henry Zupanc

Ward 4

Paul Pesach Gray

Fiona Graham

Jesse Helmer

Christina MacRae

Stephen Orser *

Sheryl Rooth, WITHDREW ON AUG. 26

George van der Schel

Nethaniel Youskow

Ward 5

Maureen Cassidy

Steve Hogg

Mike Fornelos

William Gordon

Stanley Koza

Kevin Labonte

Prashanth Thambipillai

Randy Warden

Michael Wickett WITHDREW AUG. 22

Ward 6

Alasdair Beaton

Marie Blosh

Mike Bloxam

Shiv Chokhani WITHDREW SEPT. 10

Cynthia Etheridge

Amir Farahi

Flavio Iannialice

Greg Munro WITHDREW AUG. 22

Phil Squire

Ward 7

Osam Ali

Luis Dominguez WITHDREW ON APRIL 14

Michael Esposito

Matthew Kennedy

Josh Morgan

Donna Szpakowski

Ward 8

Paul Hubert *

Moon Inthavong WITHDREW SEPT. 10

Thomas Risley

Ward 9

Ali Chahbar

Ed Corrigan

Doreen Gysbers

Eric A. Haidar

Anna Hopkins

Frank Minifie

Jeffrey Schiller

Ward 10

Paul Van Meerbergen *

Virginia Ridley

Bradley Robichaud

Ward 11

Denise Brown *

Patrick Copps

Luis Dominquez WITHDREW APR. 14

Clive Jenkins

Joan Martin

Menno Meijer

Stephen Turner

Ward 12

Peter Ferguson

Jesse Haidar

Harold Usher

Ward 13

Karim Bardai

Chris Edgar

Elizabeth Efthymiadis

Paul Krohn

John Fyfe-Millar

Fiona Graham WITHDREW SEPT. 5

Tanya Park

Gordon Saylor

David Winninger

Nethaniel Youskow WITHDREW ON MAY 12

Ward 14

David Collier WITHDREW SEPT. 4

Ali Hamadi

Steve Hillier

Sean M. O’Connell

Allan Tipping

Sandy White *

Jared Zaifman

School Board Trustee Nominations


Michael Dawthorne, TVDSB, Wds 2,3,4,5,6

Peter Jaffe, TVDSB, Wds 2,3,4,5,6 *

Shiv Chokhari, TVDSB Wds 2,3,4,5,6

Eric Southern, TVDSB, Wds 2,3,4,5,6

Matthew Reid, TVDSB, Wds 2,3,4,5,6 *

Darlene Snyders. TVDSB, Wds 2,3,4,5,6

Chris Barton, TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,110,13

Joyce Bennett, TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,10,13 *

Kyle Case, TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,10,13

Jerry Cripps, TVDSB Wds 7,6,9,10,13

Dan Judson, TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,10,13

Kathy Kaill, TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,10,13

Linda Ludwar TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,10,13

Leroy Osbourne, TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,10,13

Brenda Ryan, TVDSB, Wds 7, 8,9,10,13

Jake Skinner, TVDSB, Wds 7,8,9,1013

Knute Dohnberg, TVDSB, Wds 1,11,12,14

Frank Gerrits, TVDSB, Wds 1,11,12,14

Shawn Lewis, TVDSB, Wds 1,11,12,14

Chris Loblaw, TVDSB, Wds 1,11,12,14

Christine Morgan, TVDSB, Wds 1,11,12,14

Sheri Polhill, TVDSB, Wds 1,11,12,14 *

Ruth Tisdale, TVDSB, Wds 1,11,12,14 *


Sandra Cruz, LDCSB Wds 2,3,4

Paul Gonzales, LDCSB, Wds 2,3,4

Roy D Mantle, LDCSB Wds 2,3,4

Betty J. Wright, LDCSB, Wds 2,3,4

Paul Digby, LDCSB Wds 5,6,7 WITHDREW SEPT. 11

Chris Bray, LDCSB, Wds 5,6,7

Nando Favaro, LDCSB, Wds 5,6,7

Arthur Macleod, LDCSB, Wds 5,6,7

Stephen Paul, LDCSB Wds 5,6,7

Linda Steel, LDCSB, Wds 8,9,10 *
John Jevnikar, LDCSB, Wds 11,12,13 *
Pedro Almeida, LDCSB, Wds 1,14

Kevin Barry, LDCSB, Wds 1,14

George Le Mac, Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence
Denise Alice Carter, Conseil Scolaire Viamonde

Johanne R. Gray, Conseil Scolaire Viamonde

Denis Trudel, Conseil Scolaire Viamonde

* denotes an incumbent

 Guy Lombardo's Tempo VII Hydroplane  ?

Guy Lombardo's multiple-award-winning Tempo VII hydroplane, built in 1955 and powered by an Allison aircraft engine, has been owned by the City of London since 1983 when it was donated to the City by the late Colonel Tom Lawson.

It is currently on display at London's Jet Aircraft Museum along with the Miss Supertest III hydroplane, immediately northwest of the London International Airport. It is open Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Contact London's heritage planner Don Menard ( if you or your organization are interested in displaying the Tempo VII in a public setting for a special short-term event.

LOMBARDO TRIVIA: London-born-and-raised bandleader Guy Lombardo (June 19, 1902- Nov. 5, 1977) never travelled across the bridge named in his honour in London, Ontario, since the bridge never officially opened until Nov. 16, 1978, more than a year after his death.

Guy Lombardo (1902-1977) with his younger sister, Rosemarie Lombardo (1925-2011) in the 1940s. Guy and his brothers in the orchestra actually named their sister Rosemarie, who was born 23 years after Guy.

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     GLOBALIZATION: A Sub-Human Race to the Bottom of the Corporate Swish-Barrel Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Mr_Ambassador
     Dated:  Friday, December 30 2011 @ 05:49 AM EST
     Viewed:  1,644 times  
    THIS JUST IN (Dec. 30, 1 pm): The Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) at Electro-Motive Diesel in London, Ontario, have voted 98% in favour of a strike ~ if necessary.

    The actual vote was 404 to 9 (with 60-70 no shows).

    The current collective agreement expires on Saturday, December 31st at midnight.

    OPINION: There are many times in life when you have to stand on principle and this obscene contract offer is clearly made in bad faith.

    Principles do matter, even if they put you out of work.

    Otherwise we're all sheep and indentured slaves.

  • Does it matter if our laws are passed illegally? G&M, Dec. 30

  • The 2012 Mayor's New Year's Honour List will appear on AltLondon on Dec. 31 at precisely 12:01 am

  • Past honourees, 1976-2011


    GLOBALIZATION: A Sub-Human Race to the Bottom of the Corporate Swish-Barrel

  • Another story on the labour dispute at Electro-Motive Diesel, DJ, Dec. 30

  • Harper government gave Electro-Motive plant significant tax breaks, LFP, Dec. 30

  • On December 20, 2011, The London Free Press ran the story, General Dynamics lands $126M order, at the same time Londoners were reading stories that Electro-Motive Diesel, an adjoining heavy-equipment manufacturer with a backlog of lucrative locomotive orders, was demanding its approximately 500 unionized workers in London, accept a 60-per-cent reduction in wages and benefits.

    Subsequently on Dec. 27, Electro-Motive's final offer was a reduction in wages and benefits of 55-per-cent ~ from $35 an hour to about $16.50 an hour.

    Today, Electro-Motive's workers are facing a lock-out/ strike vote as the U.S.-based company, Progress Rail Services Corporation ~ a subsidiary of conglomerate Caterpillar Inc. ~ has erected fencing around its manufacturing plant at 2021 Oxford Street East in London (Fencing goes up, fears grow, LFP, Dec. 28, 2011), with its collective agreement set to expire on Dec. 31, 2011.

    It's also been reported that the company has already moved machinery out of the plant while a strike vote is scheduled for 10 am on Dec. 30 at the Marconi Club.

    So, what's wrong with this picture?

     Bernie Hammond resigns as coordinator of the Social Justice and Peace Studies program at King's University College Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Mr_Ambassador
     Dated:  Wednesday, December 28 2011 @ 03:13 AM EST
     Viewed:  3,587 times  
  • BREAKING NEWS: London TV-news anchor released from jail, facing assault charges, am980, Dec. 28

  • BREAKING NEWS: Lockout or strike looming at Electro-Motive as company erects fencing, LFP, Dec. 28


    Bernie Hammond resigns as coordinator of the Social Justice and Peace Studies program at King's University College

    By Bernie Hammond, Ph.D., Sociology

    Tuesday, December 27, 2011

    Dear Friends:

    I have been receiving many enquiries concerning my changed status at King’s University College. While I appreciate the concern being expressed, I feel the need to correct certain inaccuracies:

    I have not for the time being resigned from the Centre for Social Concern, my contract to teach in the Social Justice and Peace Studies program remains in place and I have not and do not have any intention of retiring in the near future.

    What I have done is resign as coordinator of the Social Justice and Peace Studies program.

    As many of you know, this program is the culmination of 36 years of work at King’s during which, in keeping with my service to a Catholic college, I used every opportunity to promote social justice work within the institution and in the community generally.

     Predictions for London, Ontario, Canada, in 2012 Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Monday, December 26 2011 @ 01:22 AM EST
     Viewed:  2,106 times  
  • Marc Emery's Christmas in The Joint, CC, Dec. 25


    Predictions for London, Ontario, Canada, in 2012

    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: With an annual-psychic-batting-average of .977 during the past decade, here, once again, are my Top 10 Predictions for our burgeoning metropolis (wat dat?) in the new year.

    Bellagio North®. 'Build it and They will Come.'

    1. Mayor Joe Fontana and Ward 3 Councillor Joe Swan will abandon their proposal to whack us with a 1% "economic development levy."

    They will, however, commence an aggressive campaign to build a $750-million hotel-casino-and-entertainment complex at the forks of the scenic Thames River.

    Mayor Fontana, Joe Swan and Tourism London's general manager John Winston will champion the project by citing the "Wow Factor!" Think Taj Mahal on steroids.

    The tentative name for the facility will be "Bellagio North®."

    2. Councillors Steve Orser and Sandy White will announce their engagement early in 2012 but will subsequently split up citing "irreconcilable differences" regarding backyard chickens, Occupy London, the Glanworth Library and water fluoridation.

    3. Ward 9 Councillor Dale Henderson will personally resurrect London's Big Band Music Festival at the London Convention Centre, promising to make London the "Big Band, Jazz and Swing Capital of the Universe."

     Canadian baseball legend Ron Stead dies at age 75 Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Mr_Ambassador
     Dated:  Saturday, December 24 2011 @ 04:16 AM EST
     Viewed:  4,316 times  
    THOUGHT DU JOUR: "If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten you path." ~ Great-Great-Great-Great Grandpappy Buddha McLarty
  • Former Tory cabinet minister Helena Guergis sues PM Stephen Harper et al., CBC, Dec. 23


    The Spirit of Christmas?

    OH, BROTHER: Andy Oudman (pictured left) just blew a head gasket (Dec. 22) on 1290-CJBK-AM because he received a Christmas card from two local, Liberal MPPs (Deb Matthews and Chris Bentley), cards containing the phrase "Season's Greetings" etc. instead of "Merry Christmas."

    Mr. Oudman's so upset, he indicated he'll be sending the Christmas cards back in the mail to the senders. Oh, brother.

    Let's face it folks, the vast majority of Western society has been celebrating Christmas in a spending frenzy of consumerism with the mythical Santa Claus replacing Jesus Christ, the inspiration for Christianity, for more than 75 years.

    But we're supposed to get bent out of shape and start foaming at the mouth because we receive a "Christmas card" in the mail that reads "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays"?

    If someone's really interested in bringing positive change to this often chaotic and divided world ~ not merely promoting self-righteous hot-air and bafflegab ~ would they get hot under the collar when they receive a well-meaning Christmas card sent their way, one that wishes them "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays"? I don't think so.

    So "have a good day," "take care," "have a cool Yule" and "a happy new year" (insert banality here!). And remember, "don't take any wooden nickels!"

    Next item of importance, please!

  • Russia developing monster ballistic missile dubbed 'Satan,' TE, Dec. 21

  • Brazilian baby born healthy but with two heads, UKDM, Dec. 21

  • LONDON CITY HALL: Respected senior City manager suffers a heart attack at work

    THIS JUST IN (DEC. 20, 5:15 PM): AltLondon has learned from a reliable source (since confirmed) that London's Executive Director of Planning, Environmental and Engineering Services Pat McNally (pictured above) had a heart attack in his city hall office early this morning (Tues. Dec. 20). Another staff member had found him in distress and and immediately called 9-1-1.

    Mr. McNally's since had a "coronary stent" inserted at the hospital.

    Mr. McNally was scheduled to do a presentation before the Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee at city hall at 5:05 pm this afternoon regarding London's "2030 Transportation Master Plan Evaluation of Growth and Intensification Factors" but was unable to attend due to his sudden illness.

    Mr. McNally recently announced that he will be retiring, effective the end of January 2012, but will remain as a consultant to the City of London until the end of 2012.

    The above story is expected to be reported by the local mainstream media within a few days or sometime in the new year.

    AltLondon wishes Mr. McNally a full-and-speedy recovery.

  • MUSIC VIDEO: Now charting in Melonville ~ Beans in My Ears, YT, Dec. 20

  • FREEZE-DRIED IN THE 1960s: Mayor Joe Fontana, Mayor-Wannabe Joe Swan and the ostrich-like Middlesex-London Health Unit support water fluoridation

  • CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT REDUX: Mayor Fontana is opposed to a public participation meeting on water fluoridation, LFP, Dec. 20

  • THIS JUST IN: Moncton, New Brunswick's city council has just voted 7-4 to end water fluoridation due to serious health concerns raised by citizens based on scores of scientific studies ~ including some which show that fluoride accumulates in human organs and tissue, rendering moot the Middlesex-London Health Unit's argument that London's low fluoride levels are not a concern.

    In addition to Moncton, several Canadian cities ~ Calgary, Gatineau and Waterloo ~ have recently dropped fluoride from their water supplies, whereas Thunder Bay voted not to introduce it into its water supply.

  • How to be a real man, DB, Dec. 20

  • Why you should be concerned about water flouridation, FA, Dec. 20

  • Dr. Hardy Limeback is one of the leading Canadian authorities on preventive dentistry. The Middlesex-London Health Unit, not so much

  • London, Ontario, the Intellectual Hub of Southwestern Ontario, LFP, Dec. 17

  • MUSIC VIDEO: Get the Cake ~ Jeff Cake for Mayor!

  • Tory defence minister Peter McKay's got some 'splaining to do, CTF, Dec. 15

  • Forget about a pricey Downtown Disneyland®, it makes far more sense to use a special 1% economic development levy to reduce London's debt

    From the City of London's 2012 Budget:

    Debt Levels

    By the end of 2011 the anticipated total debt issued will be approximately $336.6 million.

    The remaining debt that has been approved but not issued is estimated to be $254.3 million, for a combined potential debt of $590.9 million.

    The continuation of an aggressive debt reduction program by Council could see the “authorized but not issued” debt reduced through allocation of surplus and other one-time sources.

    However, by the end of 2012 the City's anticipated total debt issued is forecasted to be $370.5 million.

    The remaining debt that has been approved but not issued will be approximately $228.4 million, for a combined potential debt of $598.9 million.

    Debt Servicing Costs

    Debt servicing costs on all projected debt issued (tax-supported, water, wastewater, reserve funds, non-rate supported) will total $60.3 million in 2012 and is anticipated to increase to $62.5 million in 2013.

    . . . . . . .

  • N.B. According to Martin Hayward, city treasurer and chief financial officer at the City of London, "None of the issued debt is callable. Only the authorized but not issued [approximately $265 million] can be reduced by paying through cash sources and not issuing the [new] debt.

  • Scientists zoom in on the 'God particle' UKG, Dec. 14

  • Algonquins from West Quebec launch biggest land claim in Canadian history, OC, Dec. 12

  • City planning staff recommending some buildings be preserved at old South Street hospital, CoL, Dec. 10

  • Mayor Joe's 'honeymoon' is over. Think D-I-V-O-R-C-E, LFP, Dec. 7

  • A levy is a tax and a tax is a levy, according to the dictionary

    levy (noun): an imposing or collecting, as of a tax, by authority or force.

    tax (noun): a sum of money demanded by a government for its support or for specific facilities or services, levied upon incomes, property, sales, etc.

    COMMENT: The only responsible way to debate the merits of a special economic development levy on taxpayers is to clearly identify in advance the specific project the levy will pay for. This would allow for transparency, public feedback and citizen engagement. That's not the case in London at the present time.

    All Londoners have currently regarding the proposed levy is a "pig in a poke." In other words, we'd get hit with the levy and our council brain-trust would inform us later what it would be used for. Not good.

    And to say we need to have a pot of money from the levy in place before we know what it will be used for (in case the federal or provincial governments suddenly provide matching funds for infrastructure projects) is Enron-style, financial thinking. Arrogance personified.

    London has about $207-million in reserve funds for unfunded liabilities, contingencies and emergencies etc., some of which city council could use at its discretion by majority vote, for economic development initiatives.

    But the absolute worst argument in support of the levy is this: "Since London's unemployment rate is 9.8%, we need to suck an additional $70-million from the pockets of taxpayers over the next five years in order to create job opportunities [for the development and construction trades]."

  • Gina Barber reports on London's first 2012 budget meeting, LCW, Dec. 6

  • Phil McLeod reports on London's first 2012 budget meeting, TMR, Dec. 6


    Canadian baseball legend Ron Stead dies at age 75

    By Kevin Glew
    Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

    Intercounty League pitching legend, Ron Stead, (pictured left) has passed away at the age of 75.

    He died at 6:15 p.m. ET last night (Dec. 5) after a valiant battle with pancreatic cancer.

    Born in London, Ont., on September 24, 1936, Stead grew up in Toronto close to Maple Leaf Stadium.

    “Where I lived in Toronto was right behind the Maple Leaf Stadium,” Stead told me in a 2006 interview.

    “I climbed the fence one day and I saw a guy out there hanging out sweat socks and towels and went over and talked to him. And it was the trainer for Toronto, Bill Smith. I just started going over to the park when I thought he’d be out.”

    The baseball-crazed youngster was anointed the Leafs mascot in 1946, before becoming the team’s batboy the following campaign.

    read more (869 words) 5 comments
    Most Recent Post: 12/20 03:32PM by Betty McLarty

     London losing City Manager Jeff Fielding plus two other senior administrative staff members Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Betty McLarty
     Dated:  Monday, December 05 2011 @ 07:26 AM EST
     Viewed:  1,572 times  

    BREAKING NEWS: Not only is London losing City Manager Jeff Fielding but also Executive Director of Planning, Environmental and Engineering Services, Pat McNally and Ron Standish, Director of Wastewater and Treatment

    Click on the above image to hear a musical commentary about London city hall

    At 7:30 am this morning on 1290-CJBK-AM, London's soon-to-be-gone City Manager Jeff Fielding freely admitted that London's Executive Director of Planning, Environmental and Engineering Services Pat McNally will be resigning in two months.

    Subsequently this morning, I learned form a reliable source at city hall that Ron Standish, director of wastewater and treatment, will also be putting on the vanishing cream in two months.

    Fielding's been city manager for eight years, McNally's been London's city engineer for about four years and Standish in his position for about six years.

    So that's three top administrative staffers leaving near the start of London's 2012 budget process and Mayor Joe Fontana's second year of his four-year term.

    So what's it all mean?

    read more (388 words) 2 comments
    Most Recent Post: 12/05 05:22PM by Betty McLarty

     BREAKING NEWS: London's CAO Jeff Fielding resigns, moving to Burlington ... Developing Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Friday, December 02 2011 @ 07:26 PM EST
     Viewed:  1,737 times  
    Tim Dobbie was well-respected in Burlington but retired due to health reasons

    WOW: New interim City Manager Tim Dobbie (pictured left) is a former Burlington City Manager (where Jeff Fielding is going to become City Manager) and is also a consultant regarding London's governance. Say what?

    Does re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic ring a bell? It should. I can hardly wait for that new beach at the forks of the Thames.


    BREAKING NEWS: London's CAO Jeff Fielding resigns, moving to Burlington, where the new, interim city manager came from ... Developing ...

    The Corporation of the City of London
    For Immediate Release ~ December 2, 2011

    Mayor Joe Fontana announced today that he has regretfully accepted Jeff Fielding’s (pictured left) resignation from the City of London, effective January 29, 2012, as he moves on to a new position.

    Mr. Fielding will take up the position of City Manager, City of Burlington, effective January 30, 2012.

    “We are fortunate to have had Jeff as our City Manager for the last eight years. He has been a strong and determined leader of this organization and he has positioned us well to meet the challenges of the coming years,” said Mayor Fontana.

    read more (191 words) 3 comments
    Most Recent Post: 12/03 08:59AM by Butch McLarty

     A Jack-the-Ripper logo for a team named the London Rippers is an insult to Londoners and dark-side marketing at its worst Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Mr_Ambassador
     Dated:  Friday, December 02 2011 @ 02:23 AM EST
     Viewed:  4,272 times  
  • Sheryl Rooth knocks it out of the park regarding the London Rippers, L, Nov. 24

  • Steve Orser has another temper tantrum at city council, LCW, Nov. 24

  • London Rippers may be one-season wonders at best, LFP, Nov. 22

  • Putting London, Ontario, on the international map

    How the World sees London, Ontario: Bandito Mass Murders; Banana Toss at Black hockey player at the JLC; Melnitzer Bank Fraud; Giant Sinkhole in downtown London; High Unemployment; Jack-the-Ripper baseball team.

    Hey Martha, let's pack up the kids and move to London. It seems like a nice family friendly city to live in. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Beer and Baseball is a No-Brainer. Jack the Ripper and Baseball, not so much

    THOUGHT DU JOUR: Can you imagine the support locally if David Martin, the owner of the Rippers, named the baseball team the "London Brewers"? Labatt Park, London Brewers? The local hospitality trade would be lining up to sponsor the team, maybe even Labatt's.

    If this guy who purportedly owns the London Rippers is a top marketing guru as professed, I'm El Presidente of Argentina.

    The London Rippers have a one-year lease at Labatt Park, renewable at season's end. It's doubtful the City of London would renew the lease with the current Ripper-logo branding.


    Jack-the-Ripper logo for a team named the London Rippers is an insult to Londoners and dark-side marketing at its worst

    By Barry Wells
    Founder, Friends of Labatt Park
    November 16, 2011

    Last Tuesday night (Nov. 15) at the London Convention Centre, David H. Martin, president and general manager of the new Frontier League baseball team slated to play 48 regular-season home games at Labatt Park next season, unveiled his team's name and logo to about 120 people.

    Remember, this was at the height of the local "Shine-the-Light-on-Woman-Abuse" campaign spearheaded by Megan Walker and the London Abused Women's Centre, a campaign supported by the City of London, many local businesses and thousands of Londoners.

    With much hoopla, it was announced the team was called the "London Rippers" with an iconic Jack-the-Ripper team logo (a sinister character named "Diamond Jack") accompanied by the slogans "Get Ripped" and "Lurking at Labatt Park This Spring."

    I was there, set to embrace the return of pro baseball to London, despite the fact that I've been a London Majors fan for more than 40 years, even more so since I founded the non-profit, volunteer group, the Friends of Labatt Park in 1993.

    As such, I spend several hundred dollars at Labatt Park each summer.

    I left the convention centre shaking my head and by the time I got home, I realized I'd be boycotting this team as long as they continue using one of the most notorious serial butchers of women in modern history to market the team.

    read more (596 words) 6 comments
    Most Recent Post: 12/09 07:44AM by Protestant

     LONDON MAJORS SUPPORT THE LONDON ABUSED WOMEN’S CENTRE Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Saturday, November 19 2011 @ 03:57 AM EST
     Viewed:  1,040 times  
  • Civic Meetings in London, ON, Mon. Nov. 21 to Fri. Nov. 25

  • THIS JUST IN: London Rippers now say team name is meant to honour female TV personality Kelly Ripa.

    Sometime next week, it's suspected the team will be renamed the "London Phantoms," which makes sense since they've yet to play a single game at historic Labatt Park in London.

    THIS JUST IN: London Rippers reveal their new theme song, YT, Nov. 18

  • City of London Police Beat, LPS, Nov. 17

  • Radioactive rice found in Japan, BBC, Nov. 17

  • London Rippers: A branding nightmare, LFP, Nov. 17

  • VIDEO: Name London Rippers Strikes Out, CTVL, Nov. 17

  • Phil McLeod wades into the London Rippers debate, TMR, Nov. 17

  • Radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh wades into the London Rippers debate, RL, Nov. 17

  • The London Rippers story goes viral on the Internet, YS, Nov. 17

  • Rippers' name a slap in the face, LFP, Nov. 16

  • Insightful article about the London Rippers here, ZMG, Nov. 16

  • Forest City or Backwoods Town? am980, Nov. 16



    November 16, 2011

    The London Majors Baseball Club will be making a donation to the London Abused Women’s Centre (LAWC) in support of their “Shine The Light On Woman Abuse” Campaign.

    In addition, Roop Chanderdat, co-owner, general manager and field manager of the London Majors will be at Labatt Park on Thursday, November 17th between 11am and 1pm giving away free tickets for the 2012 regular season on behalf of LAWC and London Majors Baseball.

    “The London Abused Women’s Centre supports the London Majors as they contribute so positively to the community of London through their generous donation of tickets. We encourage all Londoners to take advantage of the great baseball provided by the Majors,” says Megan Walker, Executive Director of London Abused Women’s Centre.

    “With the negative publicity the baseball community is receiving today, our organization felt the need to remain connected with Londoners and show our support of the LAWC. With our small contribution and ticket donation we hope to shed a positive light on baseball in London and at the same time help raise awareness for this organization,” says Roop Chanderdat.

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    Most Recent Post: 11/17 03:04PM by Betty McLarty

     Palestinian activists to risk arrest by boarding a public bus in Israel Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Wednesday, November 16 2011 @ 05:27 AM EST
     Viewed:  1,364 times  
  • London, Ontario, once again getting negative national media coverage; this time over Jack the Ripper team logo, CH, Nov. 16

  • 'If you still believe Martin [London Rippers owner] after looking at the team’s logo, send me an email: I have a lucrative business proposition in Nigeria to discuss with you'

    City of London Media advisory
    Wednesday Nov. 16, 2011
    For immediate release

    The following statement was read into the public record at this morning’s Finance and Administration Committee:

    On behalf of London City Council, we want to express serious concerns about the name of London’s newest baseball team.

    While the team owner’s intention may not have been to draw a connection to Jack the Ripper (say that again ~ Duh ~ editor), we believe this name is unfortunate particularly in light of our focus on ending woman abuse.

    We will be speaking to the owner today and give him an opportunity to reconsider the name.

    FROM TWITTER: AM980News City of London CAO Jeff Fielding says the city will be issuing a statement on London Rippers baseball team "later this morning." Guess what, folks? There will be a name change or the contract will be "ripped up."
  • London Rippers getting ripped, LFP, Nov. 15

  • Tonight at the London Convention Centre (doors open 6:30 pm, 7-9 pm), London's new pro team is hosting a party and name unveiling; Free public event, LCC, Nov. 15

  • New Frontier League baseball team: 'London Rippers'

    Major shitstorm brewing over the team name and its connection to the most famous serial butcher of women of all time ~ Jack the Ripper

  • Should Don Cherry retire? An Angus Reid poll

  • BREAKING NEWS: Hasty court order tells New York police to let occupy protesters back into park, TS, Nov. 15

  • The Evils of Wheat, M, Nov. 15


    BREAKING NEWS: Palestinian activists risk arrest by boarding a public bus in Israel (broadcast live by webcam)

    UPDATE, NOV. 15, 10:50 AM: The Israeli police have forcibly removed and arrested all the peaceful Palestinian activists who boarded a public bus in the West Bank.

    History is being made in Palestine as a small number of brave Palestinians have risked attack and arrest committing a forbidden act ~ they have boarded a public bus in Israel in the occupied West Bank.

    Lacking their own state, Palestinians are forbidden to use buses and roads reserved for non-Arabs ~ part of a host of race-based rules that US President Jimmy Carter has called "apartheid."

    Fifty-six years ago, blacks in the US challenged these rules by simply and non-violently refusing to follow them. Palestinians have decided to take the same approach and their actions are being broadcast live at the link below.


     20011 Architectural Conservancy of Ontario Awards ~ London, Ontario, project gets thumbs up Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
     Author:  Butch McLarty
     Dated:  Tuesday, November 15 2011 @ 12:09 AM EST
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  • Cotton-based paper money being phased out in Canada, WFP, Nov. 14

  • BREAKING NEWS: Diamond Aircraft sold to Middle East asset management company, LFP, Nov. 14

  • Mayor Joe to embark on week-long economic development junket to China, LFP, Nov. 14


    20011 Architectural Conservancy of Ontario Awards ~ London, Ontario, project gets thumbs up

    A.K. King Sculthorpe Award for Advocacy: Paul Hubert and the Board of Directors of Pathways Skill Development and Placement Centre for their work in saving the Red Antiquities Building in London, Ontario.

    The historic Red Antiquities building (1873) at 129 Wellington Street in London is a textbook example of how concerted joint action among heritage activists, community groups and local government can successfully preserve Ontario's built heritage.

    Persuaded by its executive director, Paul Hubert, Pathways Skill Development & Placement Centre's board agreed to purchase the building and use its renovation and restoration as a training program.